Needlejuice Records Email Update #3



Check out the back cover of the LP!

We’ve sent the artwork to Pirates Press and this is what we’ve chosen as the back cover (provided by Eduardo Jorge).

Speaking of which, the first estimate on turnaround time we’ve received from them is about 6-8 weeks for production of the actual records. Test pressings will take about two weeks. Pirates Press is also closed during the week of Christmas, so we’ll see how that affects things. At any rate, we’re probably looking at around two months until the LPs start shipping. And as promised, we’ll be keeping you updated about more information as we find out.

If you only ordered a CD or a cassette, you’ll receive your copy a while before everyone else. We just placed the order for the CDs last night and the cassettes will be ordered tonight!


We sold out of all 1000 copies of the regular variant LPs. We’re still feeling floored by the incredible response we’ve gotten, and to celebrate, we announced our 2-LP decagon shaped picture disc version of Polygondwanaland, with artwork created by Beau Micheli.

The album itself is separated into 4 distinct parts: I. Crumbling Castle (track 1), II. Polygondwanaland (tracks 2-4), III. Horology (tracks 5-7), and IV. Tetrachromacy (tracks 8-10). We had the idea to replicate the Nonagon Infinity picture discs from last year, which were pressed on two 10″ records and were delighted to find that these 4 parts spread perfectly over the space of four 10″ record sides. It seemed like the format this album was meant to be on to properly display the story. Polygon infinity opens the door.

Click here to order your copy of the Polygondwanaland shaped picture disc variant!

Thank you for your support and we’ll talk to you again very soon for the next update!

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