8-Tracks Now Available!

Needlejuice’s long-awaited 8-track debut is here! For this week only, get albums by MindSpring Memories, Lemon Demon, King Gizzard & more!

MindSpring Memories – ॐ

The latest addition to the Needlejuice catalog is ॐ by MindSpring Memories, a new age vaporwave album which will make its vinyl debut very soon! This very special, LED-printed 8-track tape will be limited to 15 copies.

King Gizzard – Polygondwanaland

Polygondwanaland, the album that propelled this entire label, is given the 8-track treatment on a lovely blue cartridge. Adding this Poly pressing to your collection of Poly pressings guarantees that we may be able to release a Polygondwanaland floppy disk in the future!

Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone

Neil Cicierega’s Spirit Phone returns as a ghostly 8-track, ready to haunt you along with your touch-tone telephones and A.M. radios.

We’re also offering 8-track pressings of Logan Whitehurst’s Goodbye My 4-Track, Dave Soldier’s The People’s Choice Music, Nuclear Bubble Wrap’s Psycho Delicacy, and Eldren’s Miss Information Aged!

Available the week of April 1 only. 8-Tracks are expected to ship in 3-4 weeks. Red cartridges are limited and some copies of Spirit Phone may be printed on black cartridges instead.

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