8-Tracks Update #3

It’s time to officially announce that we’ve switched manufacturing facilities in regard to the 8-tracks. While we believe the original manufacturer had good intentions, it became clear that the 8-tracks weren’t coming together as easily as we hoped. We felt that switching manufacturers was the right decision to make for our customers.

We’re really sorry about the way this project has gone. To everybody who bought the 8-tracks back in April, we’re feeling just as exasperated as you. We want these things to be in your hands just as much as you do.

The 8-track project was meant to be a fun “April Fools” gag that was supposed to put a smile on the faces of our customers as they opened a box to find that these 8-tracks actually did, in fact, become a reality. As the project ended up dragging on, we can understand why that happiness would have turned to confusion and mistrust.

We have good news, however. The 8-tracks will exist, and to ensure that each and every one of you rightfully gets the product that you paid for 5 months ago, we’ve given this project to a different manufacturer called Dead Media Tapes. Dead Media Tapes are a reputable company that has done hundreds of new 8-track releases, even going as far as doing thousands of copies of the official 8-track releases of the popular metal band Ghost. These people have a love of the craft of making 8-tracks, they work around the clock, and they know exactly what they’re doing. Follow their Facebook page to see them post updates about the 8-tracks as they’re being worked on.

We know there’s a lot of internet record labels out there that get a lot of flack for not delivering products on time. We strive to hit our shipment time frame goal with every release we do, and we unfortunately made a dreadful miscalculation on these. We apologize to our 8-track buyers, and we hope to earn your trust back.

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