All Logan Whitehurst Kickstarter rewards shipped!

All Logan Whitehurst Kickstarter rewards have been shipped!

Unless you’re one of the 3 people who never gave us your address. In which case, get that to us please. But other than that– THE DEED IS DONE!

All Logan products are still available on our website, and will ship immediately for anyone who purchases.

Additionally, our latest vinyl/cassette/CD product is Komar & Melamid/Dave Soldier’s “The People’s Choice Music” known for the viral hit “The Most Unwanted Song.” Now available on vinyl for the first time, The People’s Choice Music was scientifically crafted using survey results detailing what people want and don’t want to hear in music.

“The Most Wanted Song” features smooth guitar work by In Living Color guitarist Vernon Reid, while “The Most Unwanted Song,” is a cacophony of bagpipes, children celebrating the holidays, and an opera singer rapping about the Old West.

Get it here!

Did you know we’ve repressed the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album Polygondwanaland on 4 different cassette color variants? If you missed out on our first cassette pressing, they’re back!

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