Marc With a C

For nearly 20 years, Orlando-based indie pop singer-songwriter Marc With a C has devoted himself to making raw, lo-fi music about a hi-def world.

Through countless original albums, EPs and live recordings, Marc With a C uses infectious melodies and salty language to tell the stories of a generation caught between the analog and digital worlds.

The Obscurity Trilogy (2018)


Unicorns Get More Bacon, Celebutantes, Ethics in Gaming, Epic Fail, Make You Better, Anything But Plain, I Hate This Song, Texas Myron, The Ballad of Dick Steel, Where’s My Giant Robot?, Falling Sometimes Down, Long Distance Dedication, Long Time Listener, First Time Collar, Until You Help Yourself, I Don’t Love You, All I Want for Christmas, Selfies, Clutch, This Meeting is Bullshit, Old Man Yells at iCloud, Terribly Popular, Your Goddamn Birthday, Low Rent Truman Show, Maybe, The New Normal, Song for the Sad Girls, One of These Are Gonna Be Your Day, Perfect for Me, Obscurity, Please Don’t Let My Art Die, Why