Nuclear Bubble Wrap

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is a psychedelic rock band from Nashville, TN. Known for their viral Avada Kedavra and Sharktopus videos, the band’s lush arrangements, catchy melodies, and witty lyrics set them apart from all the other ‘internet bands’.

Multiverses (2016)


Mindfield (My Brain Hand Touched a Hot Memory Stove!), Dream Escape!, Pretty Rings, Andromeda, Beatle Juice, Ford, I Think I’m a Sofa, The Fault in Our Death Stars, Brain Matter, Animation Reformation, Multiverses, NaturaWoman, Lone Ranger, Fermata Over a Whole Rest as a Pun, Healing Hand, Time is an Illusion





Psycho Delicacy (2014)


Lizards in the Sky, Psycho Delicacy, Trunk of Secrets, My Telescope Can See You from Here So I Broke It, Gypsy Eyes, Extinct, Smuggling in the Love, Sexy Silk, Beyond the Borderline, Night Mare, Hypotenuse, Industrial Evolution, The Agenda, The Halloween That Came Before November the First, So Many Fwends, Freakish Teatime, Making Christmas, Worms, Cavity Magnetron, Radiation Mutation Transformation, Selfdestruct