The Most Unwanted Song coming vinyl/CD/cassette


Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid present
The Most Wanted Song
The Most Unwanted Song
Coming to special edition vinyl, CD, and cassette

“Believe me, it’s hard for me to listen to also.” – Dave Soldier

Needlejuice is pleased to announce the upcoming March release of Dave Soldier’s The People’s Choice Music. The album will be available in two LP variants: baby blue/dookie brown swirl and yellow/blue pinwheel. The album will also be available on CD and cassette after being out of print for over two decades. All formats will feature remastered audio and brand-new artwork, with liner notes detailing the survey results.

The People’s Choice Music is composed of two distinct segments: “The Most Wanted Song” and “The Most Unwanted Song,” composed based on polls to determine what people liked and disliked in their music.

I Am Become Christmas NOW SHIPPING

Christmas is here! Lemon Demon’s I Am Become Christmas EP is now shipping.

Lightheartedly exploring such dark topics as a government-funded Santa Claus and seasonal affective disorder, this set of 5 spooky holiday songs hinted at the direction Neil was headed toward on Spirit Phone, and it makes a wonderful holiday gift!

Remixed and remastered — Available as a festive-colored 10″ 45-RPM vinylCD, and cassette!

Speaking of Christmas, if anyone you know has Spirit Phone on their list, here’s a stock update for you:
There’s only about 100 copies of the Whisper Smoke variant of Spirit Phone left.
Cadaver Candy variant is still pretty plentiful.

If you order a copy of Marc With a C’s “The Obscurity Trilogy” double cassettenow, it’ll ship! And… you still just might get the “pre-order bonus” EP! For a limited amount of time.

The Obscurity Trilogy cassette contains access to an exclusive commentary by Marc.

Logan Whitehurst’s Goodbye, My 4-Track test pressings arrived!!
Check it out being played!!!

Pre-order Logan Whitehurst’s Goodbye, My 4-Track:
“Lizard and Fish” colored vinyl

Expected to ship by February.

BLACK FRIDAY SALES! Lemon Demon’s I Am Become Christmas OUT NOW!

Available now, I Am Become Christmas has been remixed, remastered, and features new art by Ming Doyle.

Needlejuice is delighted to bring you another Lemon Demon release: Neil’s 2012 Christmas EP I Am Become Christmas. Lightheartedly exploring such dark topics as a government-funded Santa Claus and seasonal affective disorder, this set of 5 spooky holiday songs hinted at the direction Neil was headed toward on Spirit Phone.



Purchase 2 or more cassettes and save $3 with coupon code: CRYPTOSANTA

Click here to see our entire selection of cassettes!


Marc With a C – The Obscurity Trilogy: 
Save $2
 on the cassette!

Logan Whitehurst – Goodbye, My 4-Track:
Save $5 on the vinyl!
Save $2 on the CD!
Save $2 on the cassette!

Save $2 on The Mini-Album of Luv CD!

Eldren – Miss Information Aged
Save $5 on the vinyl!
Save $2 on the CD!
Save $2 on the cassette!

Eldren – Welcome To Deathville
Save $2 on the CD!
Save $2 on the cassette!

King Gizzard – Polygondwanaland TEST PRESSING BUNDLES

One year ago, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard graced us with the free album Polygondwanaland, which led to the sudden launch of Needlejuice Records.

We were blown away by the love and support for what we were doing. Right out of the gate, we pressed Polygondwanaland on 3 vinyl variants (two colored vinyl and one picture disc), cassette tape, and CD. You all bought every single copy.

That is, except for these last copies we have, bundled up with the test pressings.

We’ve put three bundles on eBay. Here’s what you can get:


This is a bundle containing a black vinyl test pressing for Polygondwanaland. In addition to the test pressing, you get sealed copies of both color variants Needlejuice released: the “Crumbling Polycolor” on orange/green with splatter, and the “Fourth Colour” on red/blue split with splatter. For good measure, the Needlejuice pressings of the album on CD and cassette are included as well.


This is a bundle containing the 2-disc, 45RPM picture disc test pressing for Polygondwanaland. In addition to the test pressing, you get the actual decagon-shaped picture disc vinyl of the album. For good measure, the Needlejuice pressings of the album on CD and cassette are included as well.


This is a bundle containing both vinyl test pressings for Polygondwanaland: a regular one on black vinyl, and 2-disc 45RPM picture disc test pressing. In addition to the test pressings, you get sealed copies of both color variants Needlejuice released: the “Crumbling Polycolor” on orange/green with splatter, and the “Fourth Colour” on red/blue split with splatter, as well as the the actual decagon-shaped picture disc vinyl of the album. For good measure, the Needlejuice pressings of the album on CD and cassette are included as well.

What a year it’s been. Since our start with Polygondwanaland, Needlejuice has had 4 more vinyl releases, 9 cassette releases, and 6 CD releases. We wouldn’t be here without you all, so again, thank you. Money made from these bundles will go towards helping us continue to be a record label.

Lemon Demon’s “I Am Become Christmas” to be released

We’re delighted to bring you another Lemon Demon release! This time around we’re offering Neil’s 2012 Christmas EP I Am Become Christmas. Lightheartedly exploring such dark topics as a government-funded Santa Claus and seasonal affective disorder, this set of 5 spooky holiday songs hinted at the direction Neil was headed towards for Spirit Phone.

Available starting Black Friday, I Am Become Christmas has been remixed by Neil, remastered by KRAMER, and features new art by Ming Doyle.

Apologies for the delay on these! Our 2-disc CD set of Lemon Demon’s Spirit Phone is now shipping! This edition of Spirit Phone contains all 13 bonus tracks from the original release, an 8-page lyric booklet, and Neil’s album commentary on disc 2.

New Pre-Orders! Marc With a C & Logan Whitehurst

Marc With a C – The Obscurity Trilogy – Double Cassette

For nearly 20 years, Grammy-nominated Orlando-based indie pop singer-songwriter Marc With a C has devoted himself to making raw, lo-fi music about a hi-def world. Marc With a C’s Obscurity Trilogy is an anthology set featuring 3 of his projects in a row: Unicorns Get More BaconHalf Serious/Half Kidding, and Obscurity, spread across two cassette tapes. Marc had always considered these three releases to be a trilogy, and so here they are, all in one place, for the very first time on any format! Now available for pre-order, this release is expected to ship by December.

This release comes with a download card featuring an exclusive commentary by Marc With a C. The cassettes feature Dolby B noise reduction. Limited to 100 copies!

ALL PRE-ORDERS of The Obscurity Trilogy will come with a download card containing an exclusive bonus EP!


Logan Whitehurst – Goodbye, My 4-Track

Thanks to the 167 people who pledged to the Logan Whitehurst kickstarter campaign, this release is TOTALLY 100% HAPPENING! You can now pre-order Goodbye, My 4-Track on vinyl, CD, or cassette through our website. All three formats will feature all of the original artwork from the 2003 release, as well as a retrospective forward by Dr. Demento.

You can also pre-order a CD reissue of The Mini-Album of Luv, the companion EP. Contains the original hit “Buckaroo Banzai is Not Just a Movie,” as well as Logan’s covers of They Might Be Giants’ “Weep Day” and Oingo Boingo’s “Whole Day Off.”

Also available are the original vintage 2003 promo posters for Goodbye, My 4-Track.


Spirit Phone Shipping Update

Spirit Phone LPs are shipping! Thank you for your patience, as there are a lot of orders to go through.

There was a production delay with the Spirit Phone 2-CD set, and so orders containing the CD will ship during the beginning of November.

A note on the “Whisper Smoke” variant: Disc 1 came out darker than we had anticipated, and its smoke effect is best seen under a light source.

And the Cadaver Candy variant turned out like this:

Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club – Goodbye, My 4-Track:

Logan Whitehurst’s music was our inspiration for starting this record label.

Logan was a songwriting, graphic designing, multi-instrument beholding wizard of the light-heartedly absurd. He was known as the drummer for bands like Little Tin Frog and The Velvet Teen, but it was his original work that struck a chord with us. His music was an ever-changing stew of genre, his lyrics could be silly and hilarious on one track then poignant and beautiful on the next. His music was comparable to artists such as Lemon DemonThey Might Be Giants, and Jonathan Coulton.

In December 2006, Logan passed away from brain cancer at 29. In the years since, we’ve covered his songs and mimicked his unquestionably unique style. There was even an award named after him. We cherish the work he left behind.

Though Logan released many albums in his lifetime, few held together as a concise piece of art quite like 2003’s Goodbye, My 4-Track. The 21-track masterpiece deftly portrayed the full breadth of Logan’s talent. Iconic purveyor of radio buffoonery Dr. Demento has even referred to this album as the “Sgt. Pepper’s of comedy music”. Late last year, we realized that it never was given a proper LP release. We believe this album really deserves it.

You can stream the album on YouTube here.

And so, with the support and assistance of Logan’s family and friends, Needlejuice aims to re-issue the album on vinyl LP, CD, and cassette. We aim to make this the best possible package across all three formats. To do that, we need your help. We’re looking to raise $10,000 over the next 30 days to fund the pressing, as well as a vinyl re-master from the original CD audio. In addition to the album proper, doing this release as a Kickstarter also allows us to provide some exclusive rewards.

The vinyl LP will be available on “Lizard Green & Fish Orange” 180-gram colored vinyl with full-color gatefold sleeve and lyric inserts. It will also include a retrospective forward by Dr. Demento.


An incredibly limited CD run of The Mini-Album of Luv, Goodbye, My 4-Track’s original companion disc.

Dr. Demento has given us a very limited amount of the long-out-of-print Basement Tapes compilations that feature songs by Logan.

As a special reward, Logan’s family has provided a box of rare promo posters from the original 2003 release.

If you’d like to help us make this release a reality, please make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign.

Eldren Products Now Shipping!


Denver psych-rock outfit Eldren’s new album Miss Information Aged is now streaming on Spotify!
You can get the album on vinyl (on splatter vinyl or white vinyl), CD, and cassette. Additionally, we’re now carrying Eldren’s previous album, Welcome To Deathville on cassette and CD!
We have a very special CD release by synth-punk/chamber pop band OK Glass. Can’t Turn It Off is an album of love songs to your smartphone, and also a soul-crushing month in uncomfortably close quarters with a friendly sociopath. This extremely limited-to-25-copies CD run of Can’t Turn It Off comes in a jewel case with a 3-panel booklet designed by OK Glass. The booklet, tray card, and CDs are hand-produced by OK Fox at their digital printmaking mausoleum in an actual graveyard in Queens. The album explores creative songwriting, wearing an influence of bands like They Might Be Giants on its sleeve.
The cassettes of Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon have arrived and they look beautiful! Vinyl and CD are on the way, and everything is on track to shipping in early October. Thank you all for your patience as we roll out these fine products! As of right now, there are about 200 cassettes of Spirit Phone left. You can still pre-order Spirit Phone in all formats:
If you have already pre-ordered a copy of Spirit Phone, now would be a good time to make sure your shipping address is accurate! If you need to change your address on file, make sure to email us at or use our contact form.

Lemon Demon and Eldren LPs are in production!

Greetings to everyone who has supported us thus far! We started this record label late last year in the sudden wake of the King Gizzard Polygondwanaland variant madness. The months following the Poly release had admittedly been pretty quiet– until the sudden announcement of our next two vinyl releases in the last couple weeks.

We’re excited to inform you that these next two vinyl releases are IN PRODUCTION at Pirates Press right now!

Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone

Just like we did for our supporters of the Polygondwanaland LP, we’re going to keep you in the loop every step of the way for this production process!

The official production numbers are in: There will be 1500 total copies of Spirit Phone produced during this run. There’s an even split between the two variants, making for 750 copies of each.

For those curious, if we someday produce another vinyl pressing of this album, these two color patterns won’t be repeated.

CDs and cassettes will be going into production very soon–Just getting the artwork for those formats finalized now. They won’t take nearly as long to produce as the LPs. There will be 1000 CD sets produced and 500 cassettes.

Spirit Phone has been remastered by Mark Kramer for this release. Each format provides bonus tracks and access to an exclusive album commentary by Neil Cicierega.

All pre-orders of Spirit Phone are scheduled to ship by Halloween:
(Red & Clear w/ Black Smoke)

(Blood Red & Bone w/ Candy Splatter)



Eldren – Miss Information Aged

Denver psychedelic rock band Eldren are working with us to bring their new album to vinyl, and these records have actually been in production for a while! We received the test pressings of this just a few weeks ago, and they sound fantastic.

If you’re on this mailing list because you bought a copy of Polygondwanaland, we highly recommend this album for your collection. Eldren have put together a sonically dense and extremely catchy psychedelic rock album about the apocalypse.

We’re producing a total of 500 LPs of this album, with an even 250/250 split between the variants.

Cassettes and CDs for this album are about to go into production, with the cassettes getting a very limited run of 100 copies in a translucent purple shell.

All Eldren pre-orders are expected to ship around 9/21.

(Purple & Black w/ Blue/Orange Splatter)

(Solid White)




If you’re into cassettes, we’ve added a few things to our catalog that may interest you. All of our cassettes come with custom-colored cassette shells and Dolby B noise reduction.

In addition to Eldren’s new album, we’re bringing their previous album Welcome to Deathville its own limited cassette run of 100 copies. This is an extremely trippy circus-nightmare concept album. Again, if you bought a King Gizzard record album from us, you might be interested.

You can stream this album on Spotifyhere to check it out.

Pre-order a copy of Welcome to Deathville on cassette. Expected 9/21 shipment date.

The Ballad of Constance and Johnny is the 3rd album from Nashville synth-punk band Regdar and the Fighters. The band’s most ambitious album yet– it’s a rock opera featuring Regdar and the Fighters’ signature storytelling, humor, and unorthodox production style blending guitars and circuit-bent electronic instruments, with percussion programmed using a DDR pad. The cassette version of this album has an alternate ending than the digital release.

You can stream this album on Bandcamp.

Order a copy of The Ballad of Constance and Johnny here!

Listeners of Lemon Demon may enjoy the humorous and psychedelic nerd-rock outfit Nuclear Bubble Wrap, presenting their two most recent efforts Psycho Delicacy and Multiverses on cassette for the first time. Combining a wide range of psych influences from Ween to The Flaming Lips with NBW’s trademark wit, these uniquely designed cassette tapes are a treat for your collection.

Stream Psycho Delicacy on Spotify.

And of course, cassettes of Miss Information Aged and Spirit Phone are available as well.

Also, a small note: There are only SIX COPIES of the $5 Polygondwanaland CD left as of this writing. A super cheap way to own that album on compact disc if you want such a thing!

Once these are gone, Polygondwanaland’s legacy on this label will be… to be a crumbling castle.

Thanks for the support, everybody! See you when we have more to report!