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King Gizzard – Live ’19 Box Set

After our initial LP announcement for Live in Adelaide, Needlejuice got numerous requests to press the remaining live bootlegs, as well as a boxset containing all 5. Ask and you shall receive.

Now available: EVIL STAR – KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD LIVE ’19, an enormous 11 LP boxset containing all 5 live bootlegs. Each disc is a separate color configuration, exclusive to this box. We are also offering bundle deals on the complete CD and cassette collections.

If you don’t want all 5 shows or if you have some sort of phobia for big boxes, we’re also announcing individual LP releases for the remaining 4 shows, each in its own exclusive galaxy variant, along with CD and cassette editions. AdelaideAshevilleBrusselsLondon, and Paris, available now.

King Gizzard – Demos 1+2, Teenage Gizzard, Live in Adelaide


We are doing 3 of the latest in King Gizzard’s Bootlegger series! Demos 1+2Live in Adelaide, and Teenage Gizzard are available for pre-order on vinyl, cassette and CD.

Get them here:

These 3 are all we’re doing at the very moment, but we will shoot for doing the others in the very near future! Just don’t wanna overwhelm ourselves too much.😅

These are open pre-orders. After about a week we’ll decide exactly how many to press.

Spirit Phone: Cadaver Candy & Whisper Smoke Are Back









Wow. We did a 3rd pressing of Spirit Phone in the summer, and… it basically all sold out in half a year. Did not anticipate that!

To rectify this, pre-orders for the 4th pressing are now available, and due to popular demand, we are REPRESSING THE O.G. VARIANTS, Whisper Smoke and Cadaver Candy.

We are also offering an entirely NEW variant called “Fifth Dimension” on and all-new red, black, and white “TWIST” color configuration.

Note that the 4th pressing is a PRE-ORDER slated to ship by March. IT WILL NOT ARRIVE FOR CHRISTMAS.

Marc With a C – Shock Treatment (Interpretations)

Webstore | Bandcamp

The lesser known sequel (prequel? …equal?) to The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets the Marc With a C treatment on Needlejuice Records in 2021. Shock Treatment, the 1981 Richard O’Brien musical just may have been a stroke of ahead-of-its-time genius, satirizing reality television and celebrity culture to the point that the ridiculousness of the events in the film, well… they just might not be that far off these days.

Marc With a C, the Orlando-based singer-songwriter and lo-fi recording extraordinaire, created these covers of songs from Shock Treatment early in his career, on a broken 4-track recorder, with no intention of releasing them. In Marc’s words, “I didn’t know what I was doing. It got pretty weird and experimental.” More than a decade later, Marc decided to unleash these recordings and to his shock— these covers took a life of their own. Fans of Richard O’Brien’s work enjoyed them to the point that Marc found his way onto the official 2017 Shock Treatment blu ray release.

To top it off, the new Needlejuice reissue of Shock Treatment (Interpretations) comes with an all-new bonus track: a full-band version of “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen” recorded in 2017, as well as access to Marc’s commentary track to the film.

Now available for pre-order on “Smooth Operator” LP (red and green split), “Dentonvale” LP (black and white striped), black/white split shelled cassette, and glass-mastered CD.

Stream the album on Bandcamp.

Shock Treatment products are expected to ship in March 2021.


Coaltar of the Deepers – Revenge of the Visitors

Coaltar of the Deepers is one of the most versatile bands of Japan’s shoegazer scene, effortlessly weaving disparate genres into tapestries of psychedelic brilliance.

Revenge of the Visitorstheir first official release outside of Japan via Needlejuice Records, is a complete re-envisioning of their 1994 debut album. Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter NARASAKI reunites with four original members of the band to update these songs for the 21st century, strengthening their bravura spectacle.

Coaltar of the Deepers have always strived to make music that sounds as alien as their silver-helmeted alien guises: sludgy, foreboding metal gives way to surf rock, malevolent growls harmonize with heavenly pop vocals, and hardcore drumwork conjures storms in mellow seas of reverbed guitars. Revenge of the Visitors is a perfect introduction to a legendary band, encapsulating both their humble beginnings and soaring heights. The album drops digitally on January 27, 2021.

This PRE-ORDER is expected to ship in March.

Shipping Updates (View-Monster, Flight of the Knife, Problem Attic)


View-Monster cassettes are in-hand and NOW SHIPPING. If you pre-ordered a cassette without any other pre-order items, you should have gotten your tracking number already.

View-Monster CDs should begin shipping very soon. We expect to receive them from the manufacturers within the next week or so.
VINYL, unfortunately, has been slightly delayed due to COVID. 2020 strikes again. But don’t fret, because this should only be a miniscule delay. The pressing plant says they are on schedule to be completed during the first week of December. We’ll be cutting it close, but with any luck, most people who ordered it should still receive it around Christmas. This also applies to the Something Glowing 7″ records.

The 8-tracks for View-Monster and Spirit Phone are going to take longer than our original estimation. They are once again being made by Dead Media Tapes– a fabulous 8-track creator– and he is just particularly backed up with orders at the moment.
Don’t worry, this isn’t anything like the Great 8-Track Fiasco of 2019. Dead Media Tapes is a highly trusted operation. But it’s also a one-man operation, and his operation has gotten a lot more popular in recent times! (Hey, congrats to him.)
We are now estimating that the 8-tracks will ship in Spring 2021. For anybody who ordered 8-tracks with other items, we will ship all of the other items in your order so that you don’t have to wait 3-4 months for everything you bought.


The cassettes for Flight of the Knife are also in-hand and NOW SHIPPING. Everybody who pre-ordered it without any other pre-order items has received a tracking number.


The vinyl for Flight of the Knife is still on-track to being completed in December and will begin shipping out at the same time as the View-Monster vinyl.
You can also get Black & Greene’s “Sky Imitation” variant here.


While we estimate that The Binary Ocean products will likely be finished in December, as originally stated– the timing will likely work out so that they don’t end up shipping until January. The vinyl is estimated to be completed on December 17, which means it’ll be shipping to us during the Christmas rush, and we don’t particularly want to make guesses on how quickly it’ll get here. Thus, we’re going to make the estimation that these products will now be shipping in January.
The cassettes are being slightly delayed due to a shortage of rave cases, but we’re still estimating that they will be ready in January along with the vinyl.


We heard the audience feedback on Problem Attic, and we’re listening. While we got an overwhelming amount of support for this project, we also got many comments relating to the clarity of the mixes. We’ve heard the criticism, and we are adjusting accordingly. The album is now undergoing a total re-mix project from the ground-up, with Nuclear Bubble Wrap’s original producer, Steve Goodie.
This of course, means there will be delays in the products, but the album will be a lot more professional sounding and up to par, and we know it’ll be worth the wait.
For this reason, we now estimate that all Problem Attic products will ship in Spring 2021.

MindSpring Memories – The Binary Ocean

US: Needlejuice | Bandcamp

Non-US: No Problema

We’re very excited to announce that our first ever triple LP is none other than MindSpring Memories’ epic album The Binary Ocean. Now available from pre-order from Needlejuice Records in the US, and No Problema Tapes internationally.

Angel Marcloid, the brains behind Fire-Toolz and the queen of slushwave, brings forth her most ambitious project under the MindSpring Memories name: The Binary Ocean. Take a trip and set out for a psychonaut voyage through the depths of the sea.

The triple LP will be in a triple gatefold, each record turning to a darker blue as you get deeper into the album. The double-cassette will be reissued, in the same outer packaging as the original releases.

The Binary Ocean orders are expected to ship in December.

Bryan Scary – Flight of the Knife – Now Available


The recorded debut of Scary’s touring band, The Shredding Tears. Inspired by Pynchon’s “Against the Day,” the album tells tall tales of airships and innocence lost, bookended by the legend of Airship Valentine. The record is a masterful concept album channeling the sounds of 70s psychedelic pop.

Now available for the first time on vinyl and cassette. Vinyl editions will have a Gatefold Jacket.

Flight of the Knife was named the Editor’s Pick on iTunes in 2008, where it flew to the #6 rock album on the platform.

“Find your own way to The Knife.”

Green and Yellow “Propeller” Vinyl
Available from Needlejuice Records.

Blue Cloudy Vinyl
Available from Black & Greene Records.

️European Distribution available from HHV.️

Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Problem Attic Now Available For Pre-Order

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is an alternative rock band fronted by Needlejuice co-founder Jace McLain. They’ve been making music on the internet for a very long time. You may remember them from their 2010 internet hit “Sharktopus.” A lot has happened since. Nuclear Bubble Wrap are about to release the final piece of a decade-spanning trilogy of psychedelic rock albums.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap’s greatest creation yet, Problem Attic is a 45-minute genre-hopping roller coaster ride through the hurricane of bullshit that’s terrorized us for our entire lives. It’s the experience of growing up in a miserable world on the verge of falling apart. Corporations paper over cruelty with fake smiles. The people who should have been doing something about it decades ago avoid responsibility.

It’s got killer AI and lonely mars rovers. It’s got sexy dinosaurs. It’s got vaporwave. It’s got sleazy politicians and illuminati ghouls. It’s got a theme song for pansexual pantheists. It’s even got a zombie Elvis. It’s Problem Attic.

To round it off, the album features stylish artwork by KC Green, the creator of Gunshow and the ever-present “This is Fine” comic.

Problem Attic drops digitally on September 25 after FIVE music videos.

Now available for pre-order in 3 stunning vinyl variants, CD, cassette. Each product contains an album commentary and stems of the whole album. ALL PRE-ORDERS will come with a FREE CD of Bazooty’s Nailbiters Anonymous, as well a bonus download of extra songs.

PRE-ORDER NOWWebstore | Bandcamp

Pre-orders of physical products are expected to ship in November.

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