MC Lars & Mega Ran – The Dewey Decibel System Vinyl/Tape Pre-Order

Needlejuice ventures into nerdcore hip-hop for the first time with the MC Lars and Mega Ran collaboration, The Dewey Decibel System.

MC Lars is the creator of post-punk laptop rap and lit-hop, which he has extended and powered into a fusion of rap, punk, rock, ska, pop and other genres. He does so with energy and wit, joined with a strong sense of humor and perspective.

A former middle school teacher, Mega Ran blends education, hip-hop and gaming in amazing new ways, penetrating the farthest reaches of the galaxy with his unique rhyme style and electric performances.

The Dewey Decibel System is an album entirely based on some of MC Lars and Mega Ran’s favorite poems, books short stories and graphic novels. Following in the footsteps of classic MC Lars tracks like “Mr Raven,” combined with Mega Ran’s blend of education and hip-hop, the album is some of the best work from the two nerdcore artists to date.

The album contains songs about Shelley’s Ozymandias, Moore’s Watchmen, Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, as well as guest appearances by MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Tribe One, Storyville, Miss Eaves and more!

Flummox – Intellectual Hooliganism has landed! + Nature Tapes Update

The Flummox “Intellectual Hooliganism” records have arrived and are now shipping!

The progressive metal group from Nashville Flummox have crafted the album Intellectual Hooliganism, a relentless barrage of heavy psychedelic riffs with surreal detours into methlab hoedowns and opossum biology. The album’s 13 cuts owe as much to the likes of Mr. Bungle and Frank Zappa as it does to today’s hellish political climate and the dysphoria & daily struggles of the band members’ lives.

Now available HERE on cassette and purple-with-rainbow-splatter LP, Intellectual Hooliganism’s physical release captures Flummox’s technicolor chaos.

The album can be streamed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Both physical editions of the album will come with a digital download featuring a bonus album commentary. Flummox will celebrate the album’s release with a free concert on September 21st at Little Harpeth Brewing in Nashville.

UPDATE: Nature Tapes CDs are expected to begin shipping in about a week. We have word that the manufacturers are finishing them up now.

Cassettes have a slight delay, and will ship to us in the first week of October. That means they’ll begin shipping to customers roughly the 2nd week in October. The same goes for the cassettes of Intellectual Hooliganism, Commodore Touchdown, and Snacktacular. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The vinyl records were delayed by a few weeks due to sibilance issues with the test pressing. They are set to ship from the pressing plant to us on October 12. Rather than press records with noticeable sibilance (depending on your turntable), we decided to correct the issue at the expense of delaying the manufacturing process a bit. We felt that in the long run, this was the right decision and that the sound quality of the records will be better off for it.

Our vinyl manufacturers have a public tracker where you can check the status of the records, and this is what comes up when you search Nature Tapes’ catalog number. As you can see, the plates are ready to be pressed, and it’s just a matter of the records getting through the production queue at GZ Media. The jackets have already been printed.

8-Tracks Update #3

It’s time to officially announce that we’ve switched manufacturing facilities in regard to the 8-tracks. While we believe the original manufacturer had good intentions, it became clear that the 8-tracks weren’t coming together as easily as we hoped. We felt that switching manufacturers was the right decision to make for our customers.

We’re really sorry about the way this project has gone. To everybody who bought the 8-tracks back in April, we’re feeling just as exasperated as you. We want these things to be in your hands just as much as you do.

The 8-track project was meant to be a fun “April Fools” gag that was supposed to put a smile on the faces of our customers as they opened a box to find that these 8-tracks actually did, in fact, become a reality. As the project ended up dragging on, we can understand why that happiness would have turned to confusion and mistrust.

We have good news, however. The 8-tracks will exist, and to ensure that each and every one of you rightfully gets the product that you paid for 5 months ago, we’ve given this project to a different manufacturer called Dead Media Tapes. Dead Media Tapes are a reputable company that has done hundreds of new 8-track releases, even going as far as doing thousands of copies of the official 8-track releases of the popular metal band Ghost. These people have a love of the craft of making 8-tracks, they work around the clock, and they know exactly what they’re doing. Follow their Facebook page to see them post updates about the 8-tracks as they’re being worked on.

We know there’s a lot of internet record labels out there that get a lot of flack for not delivering products on time. We strive to hit our shipment time frame goal with every release we do, and we unfortunately made a dreadful miscalculation on these. We apologize to our 8-track buyers, and we hope to earn your trust back.

Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone – New Vinyl Variants

We weren’t going to let this record stay out of print for too long! Neil Cicierega’s occult classic Spirit Phone is coming back in 2 new color variants: “Burning Eyes” (red and black color-in-color) and “Reaganomics Neon” (neon purple & pink) editions.

As with the first pressing, it includes 5 bonus tracks and the download card with access to Neil’s album commentary.

Bringing to mind the playfully ghoulish work of new wave acts like Oingo Boingo, this album presents its dark themes with mischievous relish. Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop included it in his Best of 2016 list with an 8/10 rating, praising its clever lyrics, high energy, and catchy songwriting.

This PRE-ORDER of the new color variants is expected to ship in December. CDs and cassettes are available as well.

8-Tracks Update #2

Yes, it’s been a long time. We know these are totally overdue… thank you all for your patience, as getting these made has been a lot more of a wild ride than we had anticipated.

But we think they’re turning out pretty amazing. When you have them in your hands, we hope you’ll find this crazy project we decided to embark on to have been worth the wait.

Pics from the manufacturer– these are the only two albums we had yet to unveil pictures of: Goodbye My 4-Track and The People’s Choice Music.

We’re near the finish line. We’re as eager to get our hands on these as you are.

If you missed the previous updates, here are pictures of the rest:

Flummox – Intellectual Hooliganism PRE-ORDER

Flummox is proud to announce the release of Intellectual Hooliganism via Needlejuice Records. The progressive metal group from Nashville have crafted an epic ode to outcasts, the anxious & the queer. This new record is a relentless barrage of heavy psychedelic riffs with surreal detours into methlab hoedowns and opossum biology.

Now available for pre-order HERE on cassette and purple-with-rainbow-splatter LP, Intellectual Hooliganism’s physical release captures Flummox’s technicolor chaos.

Intellectual Hooliganism’s 13 cuts owe as much to the likes of Mr. Bungle and Frank Zappa as it does to today’s hellish political climate and the dysphoria & daily struggles of the band members’ lives. “This album took quite a variety of bodily fluids to make, & to see it released in a way we envisioned from the beginning of this process is incredibly satisfying. We all hope it holds up.”

The album can be streamed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Both physical editions of the album will come with a digital download featuring a bonus album commentary. Flummox will celebrate the album’s release with a free concert on September 21st at Little Harpeth Brewing in Nashville.

Raptor Vomit – 10 Years of Zero Integrity

The long-awaited split between the two greatest punk bands in the world that both happen to be fronted by Steve.

Legend has it, the A side of this cassette was recorded one night when the computers used to record Regdar and the Fighters were broken, but the raw energy of aggressive 10-second punk outbursts on the drum set such as “Support Your Local Church and Radicalize it From Within” and “I Put the Narc In Anarchism” just needed to be preserved. The B-side of the cassette was recorded digitally in a single night, with minimal equipment and maximum booze.

“This is a completely valid piece of art,” said Needlejuice co-founder Austin Ash Lemon when the album was pitched as a “shitpost tape.” And so here it is, on a smoke-tinted translucent cassette. Does the Dolby noise reduction make any difference? Probably not. Limited to 50 copies.

See the full tracklist and a preview stream of the album when you get your copy here!

SYCDVK – Lurking Earthlings

Short and sweet, Denver’s SYCDVK (pronounced sik-duck) transport you to another galaxy with their latest psychedelic jazz-rock EP, Lurking Earthlings. This concept release explores the world through the eyes of an alien species, with funky guitars, loud droning horns, and spacey production by Eldren‘s Tyler Imbrogno.

Pre-order Lurking Earthlings on translucent purple cassette, limited to 50 copies. Ships in August.

Pre-Order Lemon Demon’s Nature Tapes

From the Spirit Phones of fall to the I Am Become Christmases of winter, the seasons change as ever and bring a new Lemon Demon release from Needlejuice Records.

The summer affords us all the opportunity to frolic in the splendor of nature. The beautiful sun, the chirping birds, and Neil Cicierega’s 2014 EP Nature Tapes. Containing such classics as BRODYQUEST, Two Trucks, Jaws, and Goosebumps*, this set of 8 catchy electro-pop songs showcases Neil’s signature blend of deft humor set to a memorable melody.Available for pre-order now on CD, cassette, and 3 dazzling colored vinyl variants, Nature Tapes is venturing out into nature for the first time.

*Goosebumps is being retroactively added to the official track listing.

Vinyl versions include the solid clear “Ghost Next Door,” the blue/red blob pattern “Blood in the Ocean,” and a very special limited glow-in-the-dark green “Monster Blood” vinyl.

Nature Tapes products are expected to ship late September.

8-Tracks Update

It’s been a long process, but the 8-tracks from our big First-Week-of-April sale are finally coming together. We’re nearing the end of them worked on, and we were experiencing delays because our manufacturer (theINFINITIpool) has been renovating their facilities over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, getting the 8-tracks made has been taking a lot longer than the amount of time we had originally projected. We’re really sorry about the delay. However, when we finally have them all, we think they’ll be really cool and we hope everyone will find the wait to be worth it.

Our manufacturer has sent us a few pictures to show the progress:

All things considered, we think they’re coming along beautifully, and we hope everybody who ordered these will be satisfied with the way this project turns out. Thank you for sticking with us this far. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our friends at theINFINITIpool.