Billy Cobb

Billy Cobb is singer/songwriter and YouTuber. He is most known for doing cover songs and for his alternative rock style. Cobb has released several albums and EPs since his 2016 debut Abstract. His Zerwee EP and later Zerwee, Pt. 2 album are deliberate imitations of the band Weezer. Cobb’s YouTube channel features cover songs, album reviews, and Cobb generally making content about music.

ZerweeNJR-0562019Vinyl, Cassette, CD
Zerwee, Pt. 2NJR-0572020Vinyl, Cassette, CD
ExampleThe SS KrillNJR-0632021Land & Sea LP, Pirate Pride LP, Whisky River LP, Cassette, CD
ExampleBilly Cobb (The Bear Album)NJR-0712021Bear Brown LP, Tears & Blood LP, Zuzu's Pedals LP, Cassette, CD
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