Evil Star is DONE!

IT’S FINISHED! AT LONG LAST! We just got the shipping notification from the pressing plant. It is therefore safe to say these will begin shipping to customers in about 2 weeks. This box contains all 5 ‘Live 19 releases, and features gold foil stamping on the box.

We pressed 1000 copies of this. There are now less than 300 copies remaining, and this box set will not be repressed. Reserve a copy now.

Now for a full disclosure: You may have noticed the box set is now $50 more than it used to be. When we first released the pre-order, we wanted the box set to be a good deal relative to buying the Live ’19 albums individually. And then, shipping from the pressing plant turned out to be double what we thought it would be. To help with that, we felt we had to bump the price up. Enter another reason we won’t repress this. So, to everyone who pre-ordered, you got what we will now retroactively call the “pre-order discount.” Our apologies.

To help rectify this, we’ve made it so you can still get the albums at the original box set price. The ‘Live 19 Vinyl Bundle is simply the individual Galaxy vinyl editions bundled together at a discount. No fancy box, no wacky Box Set color configurations. Just the LPs in their standard retail Galaxy colors.

You can also get the CDs and cassettes of the albums bundled together via this link too.

Speaking of King Gizzard stuff, Live in Sydney ’21 and Live in Melbourne ’21 are beginning to get low as well. 2000 Melbourne are being pressed, and 1000 Sydney are being pressed, with roughly 200 of each variant left.

The Boobles – Boobey Road

Comedy music’s most ambitious, most ill-advised, most charitable album EVER!

This is a parody album in which a bunch of Beatles songs are all parodied to be about boobs in some way. Profits go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

See where Boobey Road leads you, with backing music by the most talented Beatles tribute musicians in Texas, and guest vocal appearances by Dr. Demento, Worm Quartet, Marc With a C, TV’s Kyle, Psychostick, The Axis of Awesome, and many more comedy musicians! Hear the album!

Boobey Road is available on vinyl, CD, and cassette (all diligently crafted to look as Beatles-esque as possible), as well as a companion 7” containing an extra song!


Regdar and the Fighters – R/F 2020

Regdar and the Fighters is the glitchy synth-punk project of Stephen Smith (bassist of Nuclear Bubble Wrap). This particular album was a songwriting challenge for the RPM Challenge and February Album Writing Month. That’s right– the whole album was written in a month! Additionally, the writing and recorded process was livestreamed. You had to be there.

And just incase you wanted more Raptor Vomit, a whole new album of that is at the end. Hear the album!

Available now on CD and cassette!

Additionally, Regdar and the Fighters are releasing new merch, including shirtshoodies, and masks.

The Problem with Problem Attic

*SIGH*… It’s out!

We put this album out in September. And in a haze of bad decisions, it was 100% self-produced.
Aaaaand the comments began rolling in about how terrible the mixing was. And we took the criticism right to heart.
This was not the right album to try mixing without professional help. The arrangements are much too insane, pretty much every song has over 80 individual tracks. We decided the album could not be immortalized on physical products in that state and vowed to get it mixed professionally. It took nearly half a year to do.

It was the very definition of a botched release. We apologize. I know we let a lot of people down who expected to get their vinyl and cassettes and CDs much sooner. We did however, learn a lot, given that this was basically the first home-brewed album for Needlejuice Records, complete with an in-house music video campaign and all. (Those videos are being re-uploaded with the new audio.)

If you already purchased this album on Bandcamp, go to your collection and re-download it! The songs are all replaced with the new versions. If you purchased this album digitally via other means (like iTunes or such), get in contact, and we’ll send you a Bandcamp code. If you haven’t bought it, hey, it’s now that Bandcamp Friday thing!

Without further ado,
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Problem Attic
Mixed by Steve Goodie in Nashville.
Mastered by Sage Audio, also in Nashville.
Spotify, etc. soon. It’s in the queue. It’ll show up whenever it shows up.
Physical products (which have been delayed for over half a year at this point) will FINALLY begin going into production, with this new audio. Again, I’m super sorry for the delay.

Tally Hall Pre-Orders Update

We got sudden bad news from the pressing plant. Due to covid-19 compilations, we are severely limited in how many copies of a record we can now produce. As such, the Tally Hall pre-orders are now sold out, at least for the initial batch.
We will be ordering a second batch immediately, but the difference in shipping times between the first and second batch (roughly +2 months) is something we don’t want to deal with having to explain over and over, so we’re temporarily suspending Tally Hall vinyl orders.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience, and this was immensely frustrating news on our end as well. These circumstances were totally unprecedented. But we will be able to start taking more orders after the first wave is finished. Thank you.

Friday Night Funkin’ Kickstarter

Friday Night Funkin’… What’s left to be said that hasn’t been said already? 15,000,000 plays on Newgrounds.com. One of the most beloved Internet games to originate from the Newgrounds community is having its soundtrack come to vinyl, cassette and CD through the help of Needlejuice Records!

For right now, the soundtrack is available as a Kickstarter perk to the game developers’ ambitious project to create a much more polished, complete and professional version of the game.

The vinyl version included in the Kickstarter will contain exclusive packaging! Another cool tidbit is that the CDs will be pressed on black-bottomed discs to replicate PlayStation 1 CDs.


Big List O’ Updates

VINYL: Expected to be completed this week! These 4 releases are all being batch shipped from the pressing plant together. Should arrive to us within about 2 weeks.

VINYL: FINISHED. Should arrive to us within about 2 weeks.
CDs: Should be finished in about 2 weeks.

VINYL: FINISHED. Should arrive to us within about 2 weeks.
CDs: FINISHED. Now shipping.

VINYL: FINISHED. Should arrive to us within about 2 weeks.
CDs: FINISHED. Now shipping


VINYL: In production. Ended up licensing the artwork to Zerwee Pt 2 from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, so that was an experience. Now expected to be finished in JULY.

CASSETTES & CDs: Should be finished in about 3 weeks.


VINYL BOX SET: In production. 1000 copies are being produced. Expected to be finished by JULY.

INDIVIDUAL VINYL (GALAXY EDITIONS): In production. Expected to be finished by JULY, along with the box set.

CASSETTES & CDs: Expected to be finished in about 3 weeks.


VINYL: Artwork finished. Set to go into production this week. Expected to be finished by the end of JULY, possibly shipping in AUGUST.

CASSETTES & CDs: Expected to be finished in about 4 weeks.


RE-MIX PROJECT IS FINISHED. All physicals are set to go into production by the end of this week. This puts the vinyl at an estimated timeframe of AUGUST, and the CDs and cassettes at an estimated timeframe of MAY.

We’re deeply sorry about everyone who’s been waiting since September, but rest assured: we took the criticisms of the art to heart, and we made a version of the album that we believe will stand the test of time.


King Gizzard – Live in Melbourne ’21

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have returned from the depths of the Superbug, and Needlejuice Records is here to bring you vinyl, cassette, and CD of the Live in Melbourne! Hot dang they’re making us work fast! Pre-orders are live now. Estimated ship timeframe is June.

Other Needlejuice Updates:
DemosTeenage Gizzard, and the Polygondwanaland repress are nearly done. We expect the plant to finish them during the 2nd week of April.

-The live albums still have a tentative timeframe of May, but don’t be surprised if they get pushed to June with the amount of time and effort going into them. We just got the test pressings for 4 of the live albums today. The box set always had a tentative timeframe of June, and I think that’s still a reasonable expectation.

-The sales order for the Evil Star box set has been finalized with the pressing plant. We’re pleased to say we’re making 1000 of the box sets! We’re also pleased to say that the box will have some rather neat gold foil stamping.

Tally Hall – Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

The long-awaited repress of Tally Hall’s classic debut album is here. Featuring the hits “Good Day,” “Banana Man,” “Ruler of Everything,” and over a dozen more whimsical songs from your favorite tie-wearing miscreants.

The web pre-order is available in 3 snazzy vinyl variants: a 5-color splatter, a green & grey “spring and a storm” color pattern, and a picture disc featuring Mr. Moon and Mr. Sun themselves. All vinyl copies will come with a poster of the band standing next to Marvin Yagoda, the man behind the museum that inspired the album.

The CD and cassette will contain the bonus tracks “Mucka Blucka,” “Dream,” and “Just A Friend.”

Note for European customers: HHV.DE distribution available here.

The 3 aforementioned bonus tracks will be available on vinyl by way of a companion 7″ record, which can be purchased separately.


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