King Gizzard – Live at Red Rocks

King Gizzard’s epic 3-night run at Red Rocks CO is now an epic 12-LP box set with a booklet, new art by Echo Barrett!

Vinyl colors represent a song on each disc.

CD and tape box sets are also available! We are hard at work bringing these to life and the box is limited to 1000 copies. Pre-orders live now.

Pre-order with a copy of the Evil Star Live ’19 box, and receive a 25% discount, with Evil Star shipping to you immediately.

Retinal Bloom: A New Album By The Scary Jokes


Journey through the dreamy and sinister psychedelic universe of Retinal Bloom, the latest album from The Scary Jokes. Liz Lehman confronts threats both external and existential, conjuring a set that simmers with passion and rage. Co-produced with Fire-Toolz (Angel Marcloid), Retinal Bloom is The Scary Jokes’ most aesthetically ambitious album yet, augmenting their trademark bedroom pop approach with distortion, guitar, drums and vintage synths.

Retinal Bloom releases May 26, 2023!

Pre-order NOW on vinyl, CD and cassette!

Get the new Retinal Bloom t-shirt, available in bundles with the physicals of the album! Also available are the Burn Pygmalion T-shirt and a Scary Jokes sticker set!

We have also unveiled a new vinyl variant of April Fools! The CATABOLIC DEVIL variant is a mischievous tri-color swirl with pink splatter.

Spirit Phone 2022 Pressing is Done

The latest pressing of SPIRIT PHONE is shipping! 5 new variants, including the new picture disc by Ming Doyle, the ever-popular neon splattered “Arcade Floor,” the glow-in-the-dark “UFOlogy,” the bloody “Seas Running Red” and the ghostly “Heart & Soul.”

This pressing of Spirit Phone has an all-new remaster by Angel Hair Audio, Ming’s new artwork is represented on the lyric insert, and “Kubrick and the Beast” has been added to the bonus tracks side!

Every order of Spirit Phone on vinyl will contain a “Lemon Demon piss” sticker while supplies last!

Regdar and the Fighters – Repossess the Sky Pt. 1


REGDAR AND THE FIGHTERS is the brain project of Stephen Smith (bassist, Nuclear Bubble Wrap) utilizing his influences of punk rock, TMBG-esque lyrics, and of course, his drummer REGDAR: a DDR pad programmed with a variety of randomized drum samples.

Under this moniker, Stephen Smith has released a few rock opera albums: Flight of Malibu and The Ballad of Constance and Johnny (released on Needlejuice in 2018)The new album Repossess the Sky Pt. 1 is a sequel to the former and a spin-off to the latter, connecting all 3 albums in a plotline. Using Rush as an inspiration, the album’s first half is a bunch of unrelated catchy songs, while the second half is a pretentious rock opera.

Orion Experience Statement

Our mission is to create tangible music products–high quality vinyl records, cassette tapes, and compact discs—from a broad range of artists, while always endeavoring to safeguard the dignity of all human beings.

In light of numerous allegations, we have made what we feel is the only prudent decision and have terminated our work for The Orion Experience.  Effective immediately, we believe this action best represents our commitment to personal and professional ethics.

King Gizzard: Demos 3-4 and Levitation

King Gizzard have finally released a followup to the first collection of demos, and with multiple new jams and two versions of The Dripping Tap, it does not disappoint! As usual, our calling is to drop a vinyl of this Bootlegger release as soon as we possibly can, and we’ve come up with 2 variants:

“Dead Pond Scum” is in the same vein as the original “Bad Bananas” variant of Demos 1+2.
“Dripping Tap” sees the drip from the tap getting progressively bigger across both discs.

As usual, this release is also being offered on a double CD or double cassette.

It took us a while, but we’re finally dropping a vinyl set of Live at Levitation. Unlike the “official” release, this vinyl set will contain ALL of both Levitation performances (no cut songs), is remastered by Angel Hair Audio, has brand new artwork, and will also have way better packaging and no mistakes on the center labels! We’re striving to make sure this is the best possible presentation of the Levitation releases on one 3xLP set.

Live at Levitation is also available on CD and cassette.

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