New Spirit Phone Variants: Achievement Award & Skull Mansion

We were blown away that the 2nd pressing of Spirit Phone sold out in less than a year! We’re now doing a 3rd pressing, of which each of those variants can now be pre-ordered. Expect these to be shipping by September.

We had the glow-in-the-dark available for a bit already, but now you can also get the new “normal” variants: “Achievement Award” and “Skull Mansion.”

This variant features a gold disc and a silver disc, each with a blood splatter!

This is a skull-ish set of black & bone white swirled LPs. Think of it as a 2nd generation “Cadaver Candy.” Now the candy is gone and all that remains is… death.

The new glow-in-the-dark variation.

We are sorry to report that our pressing plant is no longer producing the glow in the dark red pigment. For that reason, all editions of Spirit Phone on glow-in-the-dark vinyl will be pressed on glowing green vinyl instead of glowing red.

Note that this variant is likely to contain a higher level of surface noise.

Update Regarding Spirit Phone on Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl

We are sorry to report that our pressing plant is no longer producing the glow in the dark red pigment. For that reason, all editions of Spirit Phone on glow-in-the-dark vinyl will be pressed on glowing green vinyl instead of glowing red.

It will still glow in the dark, but it will be green. It will be the same as the glow-in-the-dark edition of Nature Tapes.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’re saddened that the records won’t be glowing in Spirit Phone‘s signature red color. However, being that the album has spooky vibes, we still believe that this glowing green color will sufficiently enhance the aesthetics of your listening experience.

If you purchased this edition and wish to cancel your order, you may email us at Please provide your order number. Thank you.

Updates on Nature Tapes and Wiretap

We’re happy to report that after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean (air freight being cancelled due to COVID), our vinyl records of Nature Tapes and Wiretap are arriving to our hands this week! They made it across the ocean and it’s the home stretch now!

Thank you for your patience.

Apparently, air freight is back, and the Burn Pygmalion records will not suffer the same fate of having to spend 4 weeks in the ocean.

Needlejustice: A Charity Compilation

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We’ve done another charity compilation, and this time, it’s an 80-minute concoction featuring 22 songs from artists and friends of Needlejuice Records!

Needlejustice is for the benefit of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. All net proceeds from this album will be donated.

It should also be noted that today, Bandcamp is donating their cut to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund as well.

The album features artists such as Lemon Demon, The Scary Jokes, Eldren, Bryan Scary, MC Lars/Mega Ran, 猫 シ Corp. and many more.

The album cover photo was taken at the BlackLivesMatter protest in Denver, CO.

Available as a Bandcamp digital download as well as CD and cassette.

CDs and cassettes are expected to ship in July.

Thank you to all the artists who graciously donated a track to this collection.

Spirit Phone on GLOW IN THE DARK Vinyl!

CAUGHT ALIGHT: The glow-in-the-dark red edition of Spirit Phone is now available for pre-order!

This is phase two of getting all 3 of our current Lemon Demon vinyl releases available on glow-in-the-dark vinyl!

This glow-in-the-dark red edition is the same fundamental vinyl release as the previous pressings, but on a snazzy glowing red to spook you out while listening!

Glow-in-the-dark vinyl may contain more surface noise than standard vinyl. It looks damn cool though.

This PRE-ORDER is expected to ship in September.

The Scary Jokes – Burn Pygmalion!!! Vinyl/Cassette/CD Pre-Order

Blending 8-bit aesthetics with soul-baring queer bedroom indie, New Jersey-based synthpop project The Scary Jokes is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Liz Lehman. Their signature style of gentle, upbeat psychedelia contrasted with pointed, introspective lyrics earned 2016’s April Fools considerable buzz in the internet underground.

On their 2019 followup, Burn Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide to Romance, Lehman weaves a concept album around insecurity and romantic alienation, telling the story of a journalist ruminating on her relationship as she housesits for her movie-star girlfriend. The album expanded the group’s sound, complimenting Lehman’s electronic production with guitarwork by new band member Juniper Abernathy and a guest performance by Louie Zong. Featuring the song “Community Gardens,” Burn Pygmalion cemented The Scary Jokes as one of the most exciting new artists of the 2010s.

Needlejuice Records is proud to bring Burn Pygmalion to physical formats. In addition to CD and cassette, the album will be available on colored vinyl in two configurations: a green\pink half-and-half and a fiery-red galaxy. The album has been remastered for physical media by Angel Marcloid.

Chinese Hackers – (Wiretap)

Chinese Hackers’ (w i r e t a p) reinvent the vaporwave genre by creating a new style: vaporgoth. Before making vaporwave music, Chinese Hackers had recorded industrial music under several different aliases. Using those dark and noisy inspirations, the sounds of industrial grind and vaporwave birthed a new sound with a bleak spin.

Now available pre-order on two limited edition vinyl variants, cassette and minidiscs.

New Nature Tapes Variants

NATURE TAPES by Lemon Demon aka Neil Cicierega is back for a re-pressing on some new snazzy colors! PRE-ORDERS are available now!

Containing such classics as BRODYQUEST, Two Trucks, Jaws, and Goosebumps, this set of 8 catchy electro-pop songs showcases Neil’s signature blend of deft humor set to a memorable melody.

The new variants:


Based on the song Two Trucks, this variant represents the act in question, with a black oil splatter on top of a chrome-silver vinyl record.


Take a trip to the far reaches of the galaxy with Adrien Brody, with this pink & blue galaxy vinyl.

We wanted to do the glow-in-the-dark record again for this run, but thought it would be fun to try combining two glowing colors with a splatter effect.
Glow-in-the-dark vinyl may contain more surface noise than standard vinyl. It looks damn cool though. Splattered glow-in-the-dark vinyl is an experiment and Needlejuice cannot accurately guarantee that the results will look like the mock-up.

THE MOST UNWANTED SONG on Sale. $12 Vinyl. $5 CD and Tape.

Happy April Fools Day! Can you believe it’s been a year since we put a bunch of 8-tracks up for pre-order, and then slowly watched ourselves become the April Fools as actually getting them made turned out to be way more difficult than it needed to be? Well, all of your 8-tracks were finally shipped. Really sorry it took a year to get all of them done. But hey, longest running April Fools joke ever, right?

This year for April Fools Day, we’re gonna take it back a notch. (Although, on March 7, we did release a bunch of albums on the obscure MiniDisc format.)

When we first formed this label, one of the very first albums we signed was this meme album that went viral in 2008 with its track, “The Most Unwanted Song.” This piece of music comes from an experiment in which people responded to surveys detailing what they liked and disliked in music. The survey results were used to create The People’s Choice Music, containing both the “Most Wanted” and “Most Unwanted” songs. The “Most Unwanted,” being the popular piece, is a 22-minute cacophony of bagpipes, children celebrating the holidays, and an opera singer rapping about the Old West. It’s basically everything annoying you could possibly put into a song, delicately arranged into a cohesive piece of art. And that’s the beauty of it. Thus, it makes the rounds on the internet every few years as people continuously discover its existence.

We signed this album out pure love for the piece of music and the absurdity behind it, and we even had the rights to press this album before we even launched the label with Polygondwanaland.

Unfortunately, this bit of internet history pressed to wax (as well as CD and cassette) never quite picked up on our end. (Perhaps something to do with having the “Most Unwanted Song” on it?) And for April Fools, we wanted to put a spotlight on this release that’s near and dear to our hearts.

The album is available in 2 fittingly bizarre LP variants: Pretty Ugly (baby blue/dookie brown swirl) and Wally Wheel (yellow/blue pinwheel). All formats feature remastered audio and brand-new artwork, including detailed results of the surveys that the album is based upon.


Flummox’s Sabbat Worship

Nashville’s weirdest psychedelic & progressive metal band, Flummox is back!

From the cutting room floor of the sessions from their latest LP, Intellectual Hooliganism (also available on vinyl & cassette) comes a surprising little flummoxing appetizer!

Sabbat Worship is an ode to Satanic doom metal, with 3 new tracks: the 9-minute “Edge of the Void”– a song cut from Intellectual Hooliganism due to time constraints, a cover of Black Widow’s “Come to the Sabbat” with some eerily cheerful flute playing, and a cover of Black Sabbath’s “A National Acrobat.”

You can get Sabbat Worship on cassette and CD.

Get 20% off when you order a copy of Sabbat Worship and Intellectual Hooliganism together! This deal works across all formats and will be automatically applied to your cart.