New Nature Tapes Variants

NATURE TAPES by Lemon Demon aka Neil Cicierega is back for a re-pressing on some new snazzy colors! PRE-ORDERS are available now!

Containing such classics as BRODYQUEST, Two Trucks, Jaws, and Goosebumps, this set of 8 catchy electro-pop songs showcases Neil’s signature blend of deft humor set to a memorable melody.

The new variants:


Based on the song Two Trucks, this variant represents the act in question, with a black oil splatter on top of a chrome-silver vinyl record.


Take a trip to the far reaches of the galaxy with Adrien Brody, with this pink & blue galaxy vinyl.

We wanted to do the glow-in-the-dark record again for this run, but thought it would be fun to try combining two glowing colors with a splatter effect.
Glow-in-the-dark vinyl may contain more surface noise than standard vinyl. It looks damn cool though. Splattered glow-in-the-dark vinyl is an experiment and Needlejuice cannot accurately guarantee that the results will look like the mock-up.

THE MOST UNWANTED SONG on Sale. $12 Vinyl. $5 CD and Tape.

Happy April Fools Day! Can you believe it’s been a year since we put a bunch of 8-tracks up for pre-order, and then slowly watched ourselves become the April Fools as actually getting them made turned out to be way more difficult than it needed to be? Well, all of your 8-tracks were finally shipped. Really sorry it took a year to get all of them done. But hey, longest running April Fools joke ever, right?

This year for April Fools Day, we’re gonna take it back a notch. (Although, on March 7, we did release a bunch of albums on the obscure MiniDisc format.)

When we first formed this label, one of the very first albums we signed was this meme album that went viral in 2008 with its track, “The Most Unwanted Song.” This piece of music comes from an experiment in which people responded to surveys detailing what they liked and disliked in music. The survey results were used to create The People’s Choice Music, containing both the “Most Wanted” and “Most Unwanted” songs. The “Most Unwanted,” being the popular piece, is a 22-minute cacophony of bagpipes, children celebrating the holidays, and an opera singer rapping about the Old West. It’s basically everything annoying you could possibly put into a song, delicately arranged into a cohesive piece of art. And that’s the beauty of it. Thus, it makes the rounds on the internet every few years as people continuously discover its existence.

We signed this album out pure love for the piece of music and the absurdity behind it, and we even had the rights to press this album before we even launched the label with Polygondwanaland.

Unfortunately, this bit of internet history pressed to wax (as well as CD and cassette) never quite picked up on our end. (Perhaps something to do with having the “Most Unwanted Song” on it?) And for April Fools, we wanted to put a spotlight on this release that’s near and dear to our hearts.

The album is available in 2 fittingly bizarre LP variants: Pretty Ugly (baby blue/dookie brown swirl) and Wally Wheel (yellow/blue pinwheel). All formats feature remastered audio and brand-new artwork, including detailed results of the surveys that the album is based upon.


Flummox’s Sabbat Worship

Nashville’s weirdest psychedelic & progressive metal band, Flummox is back!

From the cutting room floor of the sessions from their latest LP, Intellectual Hooliganism (also available on vinyl & cassette) comes a surprising little flummoxing appetizer!

Sabbat Worship is an ode to Satanic doom metal, with 3 new tracks: the 9-minute “Edge of the Void”– a song cut from Intellectual Hooliganism due to time constraints, a cover of Black Widow’s “Come to the Sabbat” with some eerily cheerful flute playing, and a cover of Black Sabbath’s “A National Acrobat.”

You can get Sabbat Worship on cassette and CD.

Get 20% off when you order a copy of Sabbat Worship and Intellectual Hooliganism together! This deal works across all formats and will be automatically applied to your cart.

MiniDisc Day is Here!

Today is International MiniDisc Day and a whole bunch of indie internet labels got together and released a bunch of MiniDiscs! What is a MiniDisc, you ask? Well it’s kind of like a floppy disk for music. They were big in the early 00s and are coming back in a wave of popularity among underground labels and artists. Needlejuce Records is participating with some of their titles.

If you’re into obscure format oddities, you may be interested in:
King Gizzard – Polygondwanaland
Logan Whitehurst – Goodbye My 4-Track
Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes
沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖 – Tomorrow, 2096

New Physical Objects from Angel Marcloid

Two new physical releases from Angel Marcloid (aka MindSpring Memories, Fire-Toolz, Angelwings Marmalade and other such aliases.)



Rectangular Prism of Shitty Eyes Vol. 7 is one of the most abrasive noise recordings from Angel Marcloid. The sounds contained within very much evoke the imagery of the album title. This cassette is the first-ever physical release of this oddity of an album from one of vaporwave’s most prolific artists. This cassette version contains an exclusive bonus track.


Angel’s slushwave masterpiece from 2015 is brought to physical life once again in the form of a glass-mastered compact disc– a format that Angel has argued could really be the most vaporwave format. This album has been brought to life many times before on vinyl, cassette, MiniDisc and even 8-track. And now, a CD. Comes in a digipak case. This is not a CD-R.


MiniDisc Day Announcement

March 7 is MiniDisc Day and whole bunch of labels are getting together to release a whole lot of MiniDiscs!

Our participation will include our first ever MiniDisc run of our classic release, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Polygondwanaland (50 copies), as well as the addition of the MiniDisc format to the Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone repertoire (100 copies).

Additionally, we will have some overstock copies of the Tomorrow, 2096 MiniDisc available.

These MiniDiscs will be in-hand and ready to ship immediately:

New SUNDAY TELEVISION Variants! MindSpring Memories 8-Tracks Update

Hi! Welcome to the first Needlejuice update of the new year! Can you believe we’ve existed for two years now? It’s certainly hard for us to believe. Thank you for the immense amount of support you’ve shown from the very beginning, when all we were was “another label that’s doing Polygondwanaland.”

Check out everything we did in 2019!


Pre-orders from October are SHIPPING NOW.

We got a new web server! So hopefully the site won’t crash this time!

“Scattered Showers” & “Sunny Sunday”  variants limited to 300 copies each.

Plus a limited amount of “Afternoon Forecast” (Blue/Orange) overstock will be available.



Those who ordered the initial run of 8-tracks for Polygondwanaland and Spirit Phone have now received their copies. The next 8-track in line was MindSpring Memories. Dead Media Tapes is finishing these up today, and they’re expected to ship to us this week. Thank you for your patience and we’re extremely sorry for how long the 8-tracks have taken.

If you want a MindSpring Memories 8-track, we opened up on-demand orders for these while Dead Media continues to produce all 7 albums we released.

The records for The Dewey Decibel System by MC Lars & Mega Ran are in, and they look gorgeous! The way the records actually came out are shown above.
WEBSITE STOCK IS EXTREMELY LOW! Get it now if you want it!


March 7 is International MiniDisc Day and we will be participating by issuing Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon on a run of 100 MiniDiscs. Set your calendars, MiniDisc fanatics!

Nature Tapes, Commodore Touchdown, 8-Tracks Shipping Update!

Apologies for the long production delays on Nature Tapes and Commodore Touchdown. But now they are safely in our hands, and will now be on their way to you all. Thank you for your support and your patience.

On the flip side, the Spirit Phone repress was finished way ahead of schedule, and that’s in our hands now too!

Pictured above:
Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone – Reaganomics Neon (Purple & Pink) (top)
Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone – Burning Eyes (Black-In-Red) (bottom)
TV’s Kyle – Commodore Touchdown (Blue with Pink Splatter)
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes – Blood in the Ocean (Red-In-Blue) (top)
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes – Monster Blood (Glow in the dark) (left)
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes – Ghost Next Door (Clear) (right)

And just so you can see (as best as you can on a phone camera) this is how the glow in the dark variant of Nature Tapes actually looks in the dark!


They’re finished, ya’ll. Dead Media Tapes is really coming through. 54 copies of Spirit Phone on 8-track are completed, and are on the way to us now.

2 albums down, 5 more to go. But Spirit Phone was the bulk of the project. The rest of the 8-tracks should go a lot faster now.

We can’t wait to get these into your hands after all this time of waiting.

The next 8-track in line for Dead Media to finish is MindSpring Memories’ .

If you didn’t order one of these 8-tracks back in April, and still want one, you can order a copy to be completed in Dead Media Tapes’ next wave of 8-tracks they’ll be shipping to us. Available again are Spirit Phone, Polygondwanaland, MindSpring Memories, Goodbye My 4-Track, and more.

Follow Dead Media Tapes on Facebook for consistent updates on our 8-tracks project.

MC Lars & Mega Ran – The Dewey Decibel System Vinyl/Tape Pre-Order

Needlejuice ventures into nerdcore hip-hop for the first time with the MC Lars and Mega Ran collaboration, The Dewey Decibel System.

MC Lars is the creator of post-punk laptop rap and lit-hop, which he has extended and powered into a fusion of rap, punk, rock, ska, pop and other genres. He does so with energy and wit, joined with a strong sense of humor and perspective.

A former middle school teacher, Mega Ran blends education, hip-hop and gaming in amazing new ways, penetrating the farthest reaches of the galaxy with his unique rhyme style and electric performances.

The Dewey Decibel System is an album entirely based on some of MC Lars and Mega Ran’s favorite poems, books short stories and graphic novels. Following in the footsteps of classic MC Lars tracks like “Mr Raven,” combined with Mega Ran’s blend of education and hip-hop, the album is some of the best work from the two nerdcore artists to date.

The album contains songs about Shelley’s Ozymandias, Moore’s Watchmen, Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, as well as guest appearances by MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Tribe One, Storyville, Miss Eaves and more!