NJR-001PolygondwanalandKing Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
NJR-002Spirit PhoneLemon Demon
NJR-003Miss Information AgedEldren
NJR-004Welcome to DeathvilleEldren
NJR-005Psycho DelicacyNuclear Bubble Wrap
NJR-006MultiversesNuclear Bubble Wrap
NJR-007Goodbye, My 4-TrackLogan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club
NJR-008The Mini-Album of LuvLogan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club
NJR-009I Am Become ChristmasLemon Demon
NJR-010The Obscurity TrilogyMarc With a C
NJR-011The Ballad of Constance and JohnnyRegdar and the Fighters
NJR-012Can't Turn It OffOK Glass
NJR-013The People's Choice MusicDave Soldier
NJR-014Looking for ParkingTrouble's Afoot
NJR-015EncompassDeer God & Luminous Shade
NJR-016MindSpring Memories
NJR-017Lurking EarthlingsSYCDVK
NJR-018Commodore TouchdownTV's Kyle
NJR-019Nature TapesLemon Demon
NJR-02010 Years of Zero IntegrityRaptor Vomit/We'd Sell Out For $50 Bucks
NJR-021Intellectual HooliganismFlummox
NJR-023The Dewey Decibel SystemMC Lars & Mega Ran
NJR-024Sunday Television猫 シ Corp.
NJR-025Rectangular Prism of Shitty Eyes Vol. 7Angelwings Marmalade
NJR-026Tomorrow, 2096desert sand feels warm at night
NJR-027No FacesPlasma Canvas
NJR-028Sabbat WorshipFlummox
NJR-029(Wiretap)Chinese Hackers
NJR-030Burn Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide to RomanceThe Scary Jokes
NJR-031Nailbiters AnonymousBazooty
NJR-032NeedlejusticeVarious Artists