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Coaltar of the Deepers – Revenge of the Visitors

Coming 01/27/2021 on LP, tape and digital

Coaltar of the Deepers is one of the most versatile bands of Japan’s shoegazer scene, effortlessly weaving disparate genres into tapestries of psychedelic brilliance. Revenge of the Visitors, their first official release outside of Japan via Needlejuice Records, is a complete re-envisioning of their 1994 debut album. Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter NARASAKI reunites with four original members of the band to update these songs for the 21st century. Coaltar of the Deepers have always strived to make music that sounds as alien as their silver-helmeted tokusatsu guises: sludgy, foreboding metal gives way to surf rock, malevolent growls harmonize with heavenly pop vocals, and hardcore drumwork conjures storms in mellow seas of reverbed guitars. Revenge of the Visitors is a perfect introduction to a legendary band, encapsulating both their humble beginnings and soaring heights.

One of the most forward-thinking albums of the post-Loveless shoegaze universe, Coaltar of the Deepers’ 1994 debut The Visitors from Deepspace was a raw, visceral experience that seamlessly blended its ethereal influences into metal, punk and noise pop, years ahead of nugaze and blackgaze. As virtuoso frontman NARASAKI spent the band’s next five studio albums integrating electronic and traditional genre elements into their sound, COTD spun off a dense web of projects that made the band a nexus of Japan’s alternative rock scene. Following the release of 2007’s Yukari Telepath, the band went on an 11-year hiatus that saw NARASAKI scoring films, video games and anime.

Their first full-length album since returning in 2018, Revenge of the Visitors is not simply a remake but the culmination of 25 years of experimentation in genre, production and artistic diversity. Not content to settle for a simple high-tech rerecording, NARASAKI and the band’s original lineup have deftly reworked these eight songs to heighten their spectacle and enhance them with intricate detail while preserving the immediacy of the original material. Coaltar of the Deepers have crafted a record that feels just as vital in 2021 as its progenitor did in 1994.


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