Democratic Wax: Choose Needlejuice’s Back Cover

Today we sent out a mailing list message that included the projected back cover for our Poly release. Quite a few brave individuals messaged me back with a polite suggestion to change it. We went with the one we went with because it fits this brick motif we were going for, but I can see the appeal of our 2nd option (designed by the dashing and worldly Beau Micheli).

The finalization of our order form doesn’t go through until tomorrow anyway and switching the back cover is just a matter of flipping one layer to another in Photoshop. So we’re putting the decision in your hands.

#1 – simple brick

#2 – circular craziness

Which back cover should we use?

  • Circular craziness (91%, 532 Votes)
  • Simple brick (9%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 585

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15 thoughts on “Democratic Wax: Choose Needlejuice’s Back Cover”

  1. I love them both, what a tough decision! I’m a big fan of the grumpy looking lizard on the bricks but the other design is too good to pass up!

  2. THANK YOU for bringing this to a vote, I fell in love with “circular craziness” as soon as I saw it on reddit. You rock!

  3. jean-christophe.avril

    Circular craziness is lighter than simple brick. Compare to the front cover, it’s more different. The breath of the front cover is preserved. It’s a real complement, not a repetition with a zoom effect and variations. Very nice and mysterious graphic proposition. Thank you for all !

  4. Like the originality of the “craziness”! Hope it goes that way. Thanks and looking forward to the final product.

  5. The brick one wouldn’t be so so bad if it weren’t for that random clipart crocodile. Is that the Lizard Wizard? :’D

    Legit though. It ended up on the otherwise cool angular picture disc and that’s a shame too :/

  6. #1 it fits the whole scheme of the front like everyone else tho I’m jsit happy to be able to spin this soon ! Y’all are doing an awesome job

    1. Also I’m not apposed to having your NeedleJuice logo on the cover, I just think your original rendition had it a little too large.

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