Dinosaurchestra and Spirit Phone Pre-Orders

Lemon Demon – Dinosaurchestra
Features “The Ultimate Showdown”
Vinyl, CD, Tape, Acrobat Unstable 7″ + Spirit Phone restock

“Old Godzilla was hopping around Tokyo City like a big playground…”

Needlejuice Records is proud to reissue Dinosaurchestra in its first physical release since 2006. Newly remastered by Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz), Dinosaurchestra is presented as a deluxe colored 2LP set featuring bonus tracks and a poster, a two-CD set with an entire disc of bonus material, and cassette. This release will delight Lemon Demon fans new and old, preserving this special period of Neil’s career for all to enjoy.

7″ companion Acrobat Unstable Record available here. Featuring 6 bonus tracks not available on the Dinosaurchestra vinyl, this EP was curated by Indie Cindy herself and is held together by broken synthesizer keys, cassette tapes and burned CDs. Complete the Dinosaurchestra experience with this beautiful 7’’.

We are also repressing Spirit Phone, including a picture disc with all-new artwork by Ming Doyle! With an all-new master by Angel Hair Audio, Neil’s occult classic sounds better than ever!

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