Evil Star is DONE!

IT’S FINISHED! AT LONG LAST! We just got the shipping notification from the pressing plant. It is therefore safe to say these will begin shipping to customers in about 2 weeks. This box contains all 5 ‘Live 19 releases, and features gold foil stamping on the box.

We pressed 1000 copies of this. There are now less than 300 copies remaining, and this box set will not be repressed. Reserve a copy now.

Now for a full disclosure: You may have noticed the box set is now $50 more than it used to be. When we first released the pre-order, we wanted the box set to be a good deal relative to buying the Live ’19 albums individually. And then, shipping from the pressing plant turned out to be double what we thought it would be. To help with that, we felt we had to bump the price up. Enter another reason we won’t repress this. So, to everyone who pre-ordered, you got what we will now retroactively call the “pre-order discount.” Our apologies.

To help rectify this, we’ve made it so you can still get the albums at the original box set price. The ‘Live 19 Vinyl Bundle is simply the individual Galaxy vinyl editions bundled together at a discount. No fancy box, no wacky Box Set color configurations. Just the LPs in their standard retail Galaxy colors.

You can also get the CDs and cassettes of the albums bundled together via this link too.

Speaking of King Gizzard stuff, Live in Sydney ’21 and Live in Melbourne ’21 are beginning to get low as well. 2000 Melbourne are being pressed, and 1000 Sydney are being pressed, with roughly 200 of each variant left.

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