Yep, input your location at checkout and the fee will update automatically.

This label may be of greater assistance on the matter.

If the item is in stock, we’ll get it out within a day or two. You’ll get a shipping confirmation when that happens.

If the item is listed as a PRE-ORDER, it’ll ship when we get them from the plant. This means waiting for it to be pressed (LPs take 8-10 weeks, CDs take 2-3, tapes take 4-5) and shipped to us (usually about a week).

If you ordered a PRE-ORDER item along with another item, the entire order will ship at once at the time pre-orders ship.

As of mid-June, we’re nearing the end of them worked on, and we were experiencing delays because our manufacturer (theINFINITIpool) has been renovating their facilities over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, getting those 8-tracks made has been taking a lot longer than the amount of time we had originally projected. We’re really sorry about the delay. However, when we finally have them all, we think they’ll be really cool and we hope everyone will find the wait to be worth it. They will ship as soon as we have them.

Webster defines life as “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

Yeah… some of our earlier releases didn’t contain download cards. Sorry about that. We have corrected the error of our ways, and every vinyl & cassette product now comes with a download card.

If you didn’t get one, and you desire to have the album in your Bandcamp collection, email us at needlejuicerecords@gmail.com with proof of purchase (such as your order number) and we’ll send you a download code.

Needlejuice Records is operated by a team of three people: Austin Aeschliman, Jace McLain, and Brandon Brown. Austin and Jace both went to music industry school for audio production, and Brandon is a professional programmer who is very passionate about music and physical media, and also happens to be very good with numbers (so he does our accounting.)

Austin and Jace each have their own musical projects. Jace’s is Nuclear Bubble Wrap and Austin’s is Smashy Claw. Their music can be found right here on Needlejuice of course.

Sure, get in touch via the mail button above.

Maybe. We’ll refund any item if you let us know before it ships. If it shipped already, we’ll refund unopened items still in the shrink wrap once returned (buyer pays shipping). If something arrived damaged, get in touch with us via the mail button at the top.

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