Flummox – Intellectual Hooliganism has landed! + Nature Tapes Update

The Flummox “Intellectual Hooliganism” records have arrived and are now shipping!

The progressive metal group from Nashville Flummox have crafted the album Intellectual Hooliganism, a relentless barrage of heavy psychedelic riffs with surreal detours into methlab hoedowns and opossum biology. The album’s 13 cuts owe as much to the likes of Mr. Bungle and Frank Zappa as it does to today’s hellish political climate and the dysphoria & daily struggles of the band members’ lives.

Now available HERE on cassette and purple-with-rainbow-splatter LP, Intellectual Hooliganism’s physical release captures Flummox’s technicolor chaos.

The album can be streamed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Both physical editions of the album will come with a digital download featuring a bonus album commentary. Flummox will celebrate the album’s release with a free concert on September 21st at Little Harpeth Brewing in Nashville.

UPDATE: Nature Tapes CDs are expected to begin shipping in about a week. We have word that the manufacturers are finishing them up now.

Cassettes have a slight delay, and will ship to us in the first week of October. That means they’ll begin shipping to customers roughly the 2nd week in October. The same goes for the cassettes of Intellectual Hooliganism, Commodore Touchdown, and Snacktacular. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The vinyl records were delayed by a few weeks due to sibilance issues with the test pressing. They are set to ship from the pressing plant to us on October 12. Rather than press records with noticeable sibilance (depending on your turntable), we decided to correct the issue at the expense of delaying the manufacturing process a bit. We felt that in the long run, this was the right decision and that the sound quality of the records will be better off for it.

Our vinyl manufacturers have a public tracker where you can check the status of the records, and this is what comes up when you search Nature Tapes’ catalog number. As you can see, the plates are ready to be pressed, and it’s just a matter of the records getting through the production queue at GZ Media. The jackets have already been printed.

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