I Am Become Christmas NOW SHIPPING

Christmas is here! Lemon Demon’s I Am Become Christmas EP is now shipping.

Lightheartedly exploring such dark topics as a government-funded Santa Claus and seasonal affective disorder, this set of 5 spooky holiday songs hinted at the direction Neil was headed toward on Spirit Phone, and it makes a wonderful holiday gift!

Remixed and remastered — Available as a festive-colored 10″ 45-RPM vinylCD, and cassette!

Speaking of Christmas, if anyone you know has Spirit Phone on their list, here’s a stock update for you:
There’s only about 100 copies of the Whisper Smoke variant of Spirit Phone left.
Cadaver Candy variant is still pretty plentiful.

If you order a copy of Marc With a C’s “The Obscurity Trilogy” double cassettenow, it’ll ship! And… you still just might get the “pre-order bonus” EP! For a limited amount of time.

The Obscurity Trilogy cassette contains access to an exclusive commentary by Marc.

Logan Whitehurst’s Goodbye, My 4-Track test pressings arrived!!
Check it out being played!!!

Pre-order Logan Whitehurst’s Goodbye, My 4-Track:
“Lizard and Fish” colored vinyl

Expected to ship by February.

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