King Gizzard – Live in Melbourne ’21

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have returned from the depths of the Superbug, and Needlejuice Records is here to bring you vinyl, cassette, and CD of the Live in Melbourne! Hot dang they’re making us work fast! Pre-orders are live now. Estimated ship timeframe is June.

Other Needlejuice Updates:
DemosTeenage Gizzard, and the Polygondwanaland repress are nearly done. We expect the plant to finish them during the 2nd week of April.

-The live albums still have a tentative timeframe of May, but don’t be surprised if they get pushed to June with the amount of time and effort going into them. We just got the test pressings for 4 of the live albums today. The box set always had a tentative timeframe of June, and I think that’s still a reasonable expectation.

-The sales order for the Evil Star box set has been finalized with the pressing plant. We’re pleased to say we’re making 1000 of the box sets! We’re also pleased to say that the box will have some rather neat gold foil stamping.

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