Lemon Demon and Eldren LPs are in production!

Greetings to everyone who has supported us thus far! We started this record label late last year in the sudden wake of the King Gizzard Polygondwanaland variant madness. The months following the Poly release had admittedly been pretty quiet– until the sudden announcement of our next two vinyl releases in the last couple weeks.

We’re excited to inform you that these next two vinyl releases are IN PRODUCTION at Pirates Press right now!

Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone

Just like we did for our supporters of the Polygondwanaland LP, we’re going to keep you in the loop every step of the way for this production process!

The official production numbers are in: There will be 1500 total copies of Spirit Phone produced during this run. There’s an even split between the two variants, making for 750 copies of each.

For those curious, if we someday produce another vinyl pressing of this album, these two color patterns won’t be repeated.

CDs and cassettes will be going into production very soon–Just getting the artwork for those formats finalized now. They won’t take nearly as long to produce as the LPs. There will be 1000 CD sets produced and 500 cassettes.

Spirit Phone has been remastered by Mark Kramer for this release. Each format provides bonus tracks and access to an exclusive album commentary by Neil Cicierega.

All pre-orders of Spirit Phone are scheduled to ship by Halloween:
(Red & Clear w/ Black Smoke)

(Blood Red & Bone w/ Candy Splatter)



Eldren – Miss Information Aged

Denver psychedelic rock band Eldren are working with us to bring their new album to vinyl, and these records have actually been in production for a while! We received the test pressings of this just a few weeks ago, and they sound fantastic.

If you’re on this mailing list because you bought a copy of Polygondwanaland, we highly recommend this album for your collection. Eldren have put together a sonically dense and extremely catchy psychedelic rock album about the apocalypse.

We’re producing a total of 500 LPs of this album, with an even 250/250 split between the variants.

Cassettes and CDs for this album are about to go into production, with the cassettes getting a very limited run of 100 copies in a translucent purple shell.

All Eldren pre-orders are expected to ship around 9/21.

(Purple & Black w/ Blue/Orange Splatter)

(Solid White)




If you’re into cassettes, we’ve added a few things to our catalog that may interest you. All of our cassettes come with custom-colored cassette shells and Dolby B noise reduction.

In addition to Eldren’s new album, we’re bringing their previous album Welcome to Deathville its own limited cassette run of 100 copies. This is an extremely trippy circus-nightmare concept album. Again, if you bought a King Gizzard record album from us, you might be interested.

You can stream this album on Spotifyhere to check it out.

Pre-order a copy of Welcome to Deathville on cassette. Expected 9/21 shipment date.

The Ballad of Constance and Johnny is the 3rd album from Nashville synth-punk band Regdar and the Fighters. The band’s most ambitious album yet– it’s a rock opera featuring Regdar and the Fighters’ signature storytelling, humor, and unorthodox production style blending guitars and circuit-bent electronic instruments, with percussion programmed using a DDR pad. The cassette version of this album has an alternate ending than the digital release.

You can stream this album on Bandcamp.

Order a copy of The Ballad of Constance and Johnny here!

Listeners of Lemon Demon may enjoy the humorous and psychedelic nerd-rock outfit Nuclear Bubble Wrap, presenting their two most recent efforts Psycho Delicacy and Multiverses on cassette for the first time. Combining a wide range of psych influences from Ween to The Flaming Lips with NBW’s trademark wit, these uniquely designed cassette tapes are a treat for your collection.

Stream Psycho Delicacy on Spotify.

And of course, cassettes of Miss Information Aged and Spirit Phone are available as well.

Also, a small note: There are only SIX COPIES of the $5 Polygondwanaland CD left as of this writing. A super cheap way to own that album on compact disc if you want such a thing!

Once these are gone, Polygondwanaland’s legacy on this label will be… to be a crumbling castle.

Thanks for the support, everybody! See you when we have more to report!

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