Lemon Demon – View-Monster

Lemon Demon’s 2008 album View-Monster makes its vinyl debut this year, and is now available for pre-order from Needlejuice Records.

Remastered by Eldren‘s Tyler Imbrogno, the vinyl and cassette will feature 8 bonus tracks, with the double-CD containing 18 bonus tracks– with the addition of old favorites such as “123456 Pokemon” and “Toy Food.”

“Between The Frames” edition is a zoetrope picture disc containing artwork by Aimkid & Andrew Kepple.

International distribution available from HHV here.

For a limited time, we are indeed offering View-Monster on 8-track, and we have re-opened pre-orders for Spirit Phone on 8-track. The amount that get ordered during this pre-order period is what we’ll make.

Additionally, we are offering a 7″ vinyl record featuring “Something Glowing” on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, or neon red vinyl. This product exists solely so you can listen to the song “Something Glowing” on a glowing record. This 7″ will also contain bonus tracks that won’t be available on the vinyl editions of View-Monster.

The Neon Red variant does not glow in the dark (though it might glow under a blacklight!) and is available for those who prefer sound quality over aesthetics.

View-Monster products are PRE-ORDERS and are expected to ship in November.
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