Marc With a C – Shock Treatment (Interpretations)

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The lesser known sequel (prequel? …equal?) to The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets the Marc With a C treatment on Needlejuice Records in 2021. Shock Treatment, the 1981 Richard O’Brien musical just may have been a stroke of ahead-of-its-time genius, satirizing reality television and celebrity culture to the point that the ridiculousness of the events in the film, well… they just might not be that far off these days.

Marc With a C, the Orlando-based singer-songwriter and lo-fi recording extraordinaire, created these covers of songs from Shock Treatment early in his career, on a broken 4-track recorder, with no intention of releasing them. In Marc’s words, “I didn’t know what I was doing. It got pretty weird and experimental.” More than a decade later, Marc decided to unleash these recordings and to his shock— these covers took a life of their own. Fans of Richard O’Brien’s work enjoyed them to the point that Marc found his way onto the official 2017 Shock Treatment blu ray release.

To top it off, the new Needlejuice reissue of Shock Treatment (Interpretations) comes with an all-new bonus track: a full-band version of “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen” recorded in 2017, as well as access to Marc’s commentary track to the film.

Now available for pre-order on “Smooth Operator” LP (red and green split), “Dentonvale” LP (black and white striped), black/white split shelled cassette, and glass-mastered CD.

Stream the album on Bandcamp.

Shock Treatment products are expected to ship in March 2021.


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