Nature Tapes, Commodore Touchdown, 8-Tracks Shipping Update!

Apologies for the long production delays on Nature Tapes and Commodore Touchdown. But now they are safely in our hands, and will now be on their way to you all. Thank you for your support and your patience.

On the flip side, the Spirit Phone repress was finished way ahead of schedule, and that’s in our hands now too!

Pictured above:
Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone – Reaganomics Neon (Purple & Pink) (top)
Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone – Burning Eyes (Black-In-Red) (bottom)
TV’s Kyle – Commodore Touchdown (Blue with Pink Splatter)
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes – Blood in the Ocean (Red-In-Blue) (top)
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes – Monster Blood (Glow in the dark) (left)
Lemon Demon – Nature Tapes – Ghost Next Door (Clear) (right)

And just so you can see (as best as you can on a phone camera) this is how the glow in the dark variant of Nature Tapes actually looks in the dark!


They’re finished, ya’ll. Dead Media Tapes is really coming through. 54 copies of Spirit Phone on 8-track are completed, and are on the way to us now.

2 albums down, 5 more to go. But Spirit Phone was the bulk of the project. The rest of the 8-tracks should go a lot faster now.

We can’t wait to get these into your hands after all this time of waiting.

The next 8-track in line for Dead Media to finish is MindSpring Memories’ .

If you didn’t order one of these 8-tracks back in April, and still want one, you can order a copy to be completed in Dead Media Tapes’ next wave of 8-tracks they’ll be shipping to us. Available again are Spirit Phone, Polygondwanaland, MindSpring Memories, Goodbye My 4-Track, and more.

Follow Dead Media Tapes on Facebook for consistent updates on our 8-tracks project.

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