New Pre-Orders! Marc With a C & Logan Whitehurst

Marc With a C – The Obscurity Trilogy – Double Cassette

For nearly 20 years, Grammy-nominated Orlando-based indie pop singer-songwriter Marc With a C has devoted himself to making raw, lo-fi music about a hi-def world. Marc With a C’s Obscurity Trilogy is an anthology set featuring 3 of his projects in a row: Unicorns Get More BaconHalf Serious/Half Kidding, and Obscurity, spread across two cassette tapes. Marc had always considered these three releases to be a trilogy, and so here they are, all in one place, for the very first time on any format! Now available for pre-order, this release is expected to ship by December.

This release comes with a download card featuring an exclusive commentary by Marc With a C. The cassettes feature Dolby B noise reduction. Limited to 100 copies!

ALL PRE-ORDERS of The Obscurity Trilogy will come with a download card containing an exclusive bonus EP!


Logan Whitehurst – Goodbye, My 4-Track

Thanks to the 167 people who pledged to the Logan Whitehurst kickstarter campaign, this release is TOTALLY 100% HAPPENING! You can now pre-order Goodbye, My 4-Track on vinyl, CD, or cassette through our website. All three formats will feature all of the original artwork from the 2003 release, as well as a retrospective forward by Dr. Demento.

You can also pre-order a CD reissue of The Mini-Album of Luv, the companion EP. Contains the original hit “Buckaroo Banzai is Not Just a Movie,” as well as Logan’s covers of They Might Be Giants’ “Weep Day” and Oingo Boingo’s “Whole Day Off.”

Also available are the original vintage 2003 promo posters for Goodbye, My 4-Track.


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