Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Problem Attic Now Available For Pre-Order

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is an alternative rock band fronted by Needlejuice co-founder Jace McLain. They’ve been making music on the internet for a very long time. You may remember them from their 2010 internet hit “Sharktopus.” A lot has happened since. Nuclear Bubble Wrap are about to release the final piece of a decade-spanning trilogy of psychedelic rock albums.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap’s greatest creation yet, Problem Attic is a 45-minute genre-hopping roller coaster ride through the hurricane of bullshit that’s terrorized us for our entire lives. It’s the experience of growing up in a miserable world on the verge of falling apart. Corporations paper over cruelty with fake smiles. The people who should have been doing something about it decades ago avoid responsibility.

It’s got killer AI and lonely mars rovers. It’s got sexy dinosaurs. It’s got vaporwave. It’s got sleazy politicians and illuminati ghouls. It’s got a theme song for pansexual pantheists. It’s even got a zombie Elvis. It’s Problem Attic.

To round it off, the album features stylish artwork by KC Green, the creator of Gunshow and the ever-present “This is Fine” comic.

Problem Attic drops digitally on September 25 after FIVE music videos.

Now available for pre-order in 3 stunning vinyl variants, CD, cassette. Each product contains an album commentary and stems of the whole album. ALL PRE-ORDERS will come with a FREE CD of Bazooty’s Nailbiters Anonymous, as well a bonus download of extra songs.

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Pre-orders of physical products are expected to ship in November.

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