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Ever wanted to hear the styles of Lemon Demon and Tally Hall combined? That dream comes to fruition with the genius songwriting of OK GLASS. Catchy, funny, and poignant– these two albums are coming to CD and cassette.

SAND (and other mysteries) is one of OK Glass’s most cohesive records yet. OK Glass spent eight years as a guerrilla sneaking into conservatories, churches, and studios to covertly record large and expensive instruments. Now it can be told: SAND comprises 16 byte-size symphonies for embittered punks. No one tells the truth anymore. It’s all sand.

Can’t Turn It Off – originally released in 2018, and back in physical form by popular demand, comprises 13 synth-punk chamber pop songs that act differently when observed. Can’t Turn It Off is an album of love songs to your smartphone, and also a soul-crushing month in uncomfortably close quarters with a friendly sociopath. Can’t Turn It Off is optimistic only about complete unknowns. Can’t Turn It Off is a complex about everything that is trending on Twitter and the heat death of the universe and how to get to the end of the song.

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