Ookla the Mok VS. EVIL


This is one of the first projects we ever embarked on, and it’s been in the works for nearly 2 years.

Ookla the Mok’s VS. EVIL is a supervillain-themed concept album centering around the Marvel and DC universes. Ookla the Mok combine their signature comedy music abilities with the emotional narratives behind these fictional characters in a way that we think works super well. While tracks like “Doctor Octopus” and “Kang the Conqueror” are among some of Ookla’s most overtly silly works of music that poke fun at the comics they love, other tracks like “Suprema Lex” and “Amora Adores Thor” bring out Ookla’s passion for the stories that inspire them. To top it all off, the album artwork is done by DC Comics artist Art Baltazar.

We want to bring this album to vinyl for the first time, giving it the gatefold treatment to show off Art Baltazar’s artwork. A brand new piece of artwork will be included inside the gatefold panels. A lyric insert will be included as well. During this Kickstarter campaign, we will be offering two different vinyl color variations of this LP: “Split Personality,” a villainous purple and yellow split vinyl, and “Super Splatter,” a comic book green splatter vinyl. As silly and whimsical as this album is, there is a lot of care and passion put into these songs by Rand and Adam, and they have poured their hearts into these songs. We want the final product to reflect this.

Check out the full album on Spotify.

It doesn’t just stop there, though! When Ookla the Mok released this album, they did so alongside a companion EP called Nerdvana, containing a few outtakes from this era that didn’t fit so much into the “super-villain” theme.  “Welcome to the Con” will make every comic book nerd feel at home, “Math” will teach you in TMBG-esque edutainment fashion, and “Tantric Yoda” might be the one of the silliest songs in the Ooklaverse.

We aim to bring this Nerdvana EP to physical formats for the first time ever! On vinyl, it will be a purple and orange galaxy vinyl, with a lyric insert included. And since it’s never been released on CD before, with this Kickstarter we plan to finally make that happen.

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