Picture Discs Update & Test Press Auctions!

Greetings, everyone! Got some news regarding the decagon shaped picture discs. They’re scheduled to ship from the pressing plant the week of March 12. Admittedly, we did think it would be sooner than that at first. But as things sometimes go, there was an unforseen production delay. It’s been worked out, and we can report that they’ll be in our hands in just a couple of weeks. The picture above comes directly from the plant!

There will only ever be 250 of these. Copies are still available here!

Reminder that if you ordered a Crumbling Polycolor or a Fourth Colour variant along with a picture disc, even as separate orders, we will be shipping them at the same time. Thank you for your patience.

Test Pressing Auctions!

We’re auctioning two test pressings on eBay this week! Whatever we make from these will go directly towards the next Needlejuice release. We’re not only selling the regular test pressing, but also one for the picture disc! The picture disc test pressings are unique because the play area doesn’t even start until midway down the record, to account for the decagon shape cut area. They’re also 45 RPM.

Crumbling Polycolor/Fourth Colour Test Pressing here:

Polygon Infinity Picture Disc Test Pressing here:

CDs and Cassettes Almost Gone!

We’re down to the wire on CDs and cassettes! If you’ve been holding out on these, now’s the time to grab one if you want it!

CDs here | Cassettes here

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