Polygondwanaland Update #5

Test pressings!

We received the test pressings from Pirates Press last week and they sound absolutely wonderful. The plant has moved forward with production, and at this point we just have to wait for the entire run of 1000 records to arrive. We’re just as on the edge of our seats as you are! Note that test pressings don’t come on colored vinyl.

CDs and Cassettes

A fair amount of you must be wondering, “Hey what about those CDs and cassettes?” I’m happy to let you all know that they’re officially now in production. Since Beau Micheli did the final design layout of the LP, we decided to have him do the CD and cassette artwork as well. Note that mock-ups above aren’t 100% accurate and the tape will have a yellow shell, not a black shell. The CDs will have a digipak case. The cassettes will have Dolby B noise reduction applied, so if you have a cassette player with that capability, you’re in luck!

Turnaround time on the CDs and cassettes should be quicker than the LPs, and will likely end up being the first orders shipped.

There will be 100 copies of each format. As of now, about 40 cassettes are left.
Click here to order a CD.
Click here to order a cassette.

Picture Discs: 45 RPM

And finally, we’ve officially placed the order for 250 copies of this amazing decagon-shaped picture disc. We’re also happy to announce that this picture disc is made to be played at 45 RPM, to preserve the best possible sound quality. We should be getting the test pressings for this variant very soon.

Click here to order a copy.

Thank you all again for the incredible amount of support. We can’t wait to get these products delivered to you.


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  1. Hi, I’ve already placed an order for one of your Poly variants, just wonder what you’ll be doing with those TP’s? Are they going up for sale, if so how many will there be?

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