Polygondwanaland Update #6

Two weeks until we have the LPs.

Greetings, everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

Got a little status report for you: we have the official word from Pirates Press that the Polygondwanaland LPs will be finished in two weeks! Shipping will begin immediately once we have them. The moment we’ve all been waiting for will be upon us soon!!

Polygondwanaland CDs are now shipping. As of now we have 40 left.

Polygondwanaland cassettes are currently in production. As of now we have 38 left. (Also, they’ll have Dolby NR!)

Polygondwanaland decagon-shaped 10″ 45 RPM picture discs have entered the test pressing phase. As we did with the original Polygondwanaland LPs, we’ll be sending email updates showcasing the test pressings and updating you about the production of these records. Only 250 of these will be made! Hang them on a hook. Put them on display.

Thank you so much, everyone. See you in two weeks with a mountain of boxes full of records.

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