Polygondwanaland Update #7

Poly Day is almost here!

Our pressing plant, Pirates Press just shipped the Polygondwanaland LPs to us. We will have them very soon! As soon as we get them, we’ll be working around the clock packaging up and shipping each one of your orders!

Now would be a good time to remind everyone to make sure your shipping address is accurate! If you have an address change to make, email weirdojace@gmail.com or message the Needlejuice Facebook page.

Cassettes Have Landed!

Cassette nerds will be happy to know that the Polygondwanaland cassettes have arrived and are now shipping! These are Dolby B noise reduction compatible, yellow cassettes with full color inserts and labels, and they’re only $4 + shipping. As of now there are only about 30 left!

Polygondwanaland CDs (which are shipping now too) are still in stock as well.

Picture Disc Test Pressings!

Ever wanted to see a test pressing of a picture disc? Well here you go– a piece of clear vinyl with a plain white sheet inside! We received these test pressings last week, which of course, are for our third Polygondwanaland variant: the 45 RPM “Polygon Infinity” Decagon-Shaped Picture Disc, shown below.

There are still about 100 of these left. This is a very special short-run variant and once they’re gone, they’re gone! These will start shipping a few weeks after the “Crumbling Polycolor” and “Fourth Colour” variants ship.

Click here to order one.

Follow us on Twitter!

We’ve primarily been using Facebook as a means of communication, and finally sat down and made a Twitter account. If you’d like to follow us there, head on over to see posts from us from all corners of the internet!

Alright, that’s it for right now. The Poly records are officially on their way to us. See you when they get here!

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