Raptor Vomit/We’d Sell Out for $50 Bucks – 10 Years of Zero Integrity


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The long-awaited split between the two greatest punk bands in the world that both happen to be fronted by Steve.

Legend has it, the A side of this cassette was recorded one night when the computers used to record Regdar and the Fighters were broken, but the raw energy of aggressive 10-second punk outbursts on the drum set such as “Support Your Local Church and Radicalize it From Within” and “I Put the Narc In Anarchism” just needed to be preserved. The B-side of the cassette was recorded digitally in a single night, with minimal equipment and maximum booze.

“This is a completely valid piece of art,” said Needlejuice co-founder Austin Ash Lemon when the album was pitched as a “shitpost tape.” And so here it is, on a smoke-tinted translucent cassette. Does the Dolby noise reduction make any difference? Probably not.

Track Listing

SIDE A – Raptor Vomit

  1. Recording to Tape Because all the Computers Are Broken
  2. Armchair Eugenicist
  3. Hey Basement-dwelling Nerds! What If I Told You The Reason You Couldn’t Get a Girlfriend Was Because of Toxic Masculinity
  4. I Put the Narc In Anarchism
  5. Deadnaming Your Own Discography
  6. 48 Hour Energy
  7. Non-toxic Masculinity Scented
  8. Antifa Probably Wouldn’t Even Be a Thing if You Guys Had Just Taken BLM and UtR Seriously
  9. Drain the Swamp and Replace it With a Larger, More Foetid Swamp
  10. Question Heteronormativity
  11. Leave Amber Guyger and Brock Turner In a Room For 15 Minutes and Justice Will Be At Least Half Served
  12. Post-Scarcity Post-Humanism
  13. Transgender Transhumanism
  14. Dave Mustaine in a Bald Wig
  15. Theocratic Anarchism
  16. The Older I Get the More Everything Kids Do Look Likes “A Clockwork Orange”
  17. Post-Gender Society
  18. Arms Too Short to Crabcore God
  19. Clown Nose Pasty
  20. Sex-Negative Radical Feminism
  21. The EFF vs. ASCAP: Copyright Schmopyright ’98
  22. Border Hedge Maze
  23. Cognitive Dissonance?
  24. Support Your Local Church and Radicalize it From Within
  25. More Like Anarcho Crapitalism
  26. More Like Anarcho Jocalism
  27. More Like Anarcho Dimividism
  28. More Like Anarcho Bombunism
  29. More Like Anarcho Fakurism
  30. More Like Anarcho Bland-Humanism
  31. More Like Most-Colonial Anarchism
  32. What’s Veganarchism
  33. More Like Anarchism Without Pronouns
  34. Honestly, I Don’t Know What Most of those Terms, but I’m Too Proud To Admit it
  35. The Kingdom of God Is Within Dudes
  36. Calling ACAB
  37. Stranger ft WSO (Bonus Track)

Side B – We’d Sell Out for $50 Bucks

  1. Property Taxes
  2. Entropic Sausage
  3. Treason
  4. IANaLb
  5. Say It With Me Now
  6. James 3:9-10
  7. Ab0rtionf4ce
  8. Punktuality
  9. Abyss
  10. PaciFIST
  11. Stick It To Everyone
  12. The AT&T Building Sure Looks Like Sauron, Huh?

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