OK Glass – Can’t Turn It Off

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Can’t Turn It Off comprises 13 synth-punk chamber pop songs that act differently when observed.

OK Glass is a recombinant pop music machine. OK Glass tumbles through America like a katamari and refines cultural detritus into gleaming hooks. OK Glass is an underground compound of unschooled children hitting acoustic instruments together in electronic ways until it sounds deliberate.

Can’t Turn It Off is an album of love songs to your smartphone, and also a soul-crushing month in uncomfortably close quarters with a friendly sociopath. Can’t Turn It Off is optimistic only about complete unknowns. Can’t Turn It Off is a complex about everything that is trending on Twitter and the heat death of the universe and how to get to the end of the song.

OK Glass is an abandoned trademark of the Google corporation, which is now part of the Alphabet conglomerate.

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Track Listing

  1. The Next Colonel Sanders Will Be A Woman
  2. Dead Man’s Coat
  3. Little 12:00
  4. Dog To The Bar
  5. 10,000 Days
  6. Crack First
  7. Middle Of The Week
  8. Masonic Bodies
  9. Roanope
  10. This Character
  11. Arms Of Mine
  12. Phone
  13. Michael Jordan Nissan
  14. Corn Salad Is A Benefit
  15. Podcast
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