The Orion Experience – Children of the Stars

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The Orion Experience’s lead singer, Orion Simprini has always had an obsession with outer space.

Children of the Stars is the musical love child of that infatuation.  Inspired by the writings of famed astronomer Carl Sagan, The Orion Experience has created a mythical tale, told through monologues with an otherworldly resonance.  Just as the concept takes listeners on a journey, the music travels through the eras and styles that have influenced the band.

Orion, named appropriately by his astronomer father, grew up “the first time vinyl records were cool,” when albums were listened to straight through. Children of the Stars strives to recreate that experience for the listener.

Needlejuice Records strives to bring that vision to reality, with the very first vinyl pressing of the album. Each vinyl variant evokes the atmospheres of outer space, from the brightest supernovas to the deepest darkness.

Track Listing

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Children of the Stars
  3. S.T.A.R. Child
  4. Electric Moves
  5. Made 4 You
  6. The Eternal Connection
  7. Heart in My Pocket
  8. Dandy
  9. The Deepest Darkness
  10. Win It All
  11. Heaven
  12. The Cosmic Dawn
  13. Love Saves the Day

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