Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Heady Exxxplosions: 2009-2012


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In 2010, Nuclear Bubble Wrap released their first ever professionally recorded studio album, Exploding Head Syndrome. It was an important milestone for the the comedy and nerd-rock band at the time. The songwriting trio consisting of Jace McLain, Kyle Thorne, and Brendan Sheairs created the album during their first two years of college– a time heavily steeped in 2009-2010 internet culture, for better or worse. The album would contain some of their most well known songs and viral internet hits: “Sharktopus” (still the band’s most-viewed song), “Raichu a Song” (which was the #1 song of 2010 on The Dr. Demento Show), the wizard-rock tracks “Avada Kedavra” and “Draining the Lizard,” and their cover of the Lemon Demo–er, Grapes and Sunshine song, “Birdf***er. The band went into an experimental and psychedelic direction after this album, and left the very concept of doing song parodies behind, but the album shows many hints of the experimental nature of the music that would follow on their next album: 2014’s Psycho Delicacy. For some Nuclear Bubble Wrap fans, this album is a nostalgic, comfort listen. Others find it to be tacky and immature, with its naïve and lowbrow humor. But it can’t be denied that the album is important to the band’s history, and is a cornerstone of the sound they are known for today.

12 years later, Needlejuice Records has decided to give this long out-of-print album a retrospective 4-CD treatment, with a complete remaster by Angel Hair Audio, and all of the bonus content that could be dug out of the archives from this era of the band. With this box set, you will receive the entire contents of the 2009-2012 releases from the band, warts ‘n all: You Are What You Eat, Exploding Head Syndrome, and Abracadaver, plus all of the non-albums studio recordings of the time, a wealth of demos, live recordings, unreleased home recordings, and the first ever release of an experimental lo-fi album called Graze the Skylines, which was recorded at the same time as Exploding Head Syndrome, and was a true foreshadowing of the musical direction to come.

Track Listing

Disc 1: Exploding Head Syndrome + Abracadaver
Burning Ambitions / Inyourendo / Bare Facts / Raichu a Song / Captain Abduction / Birdf***er / I Never Go To Work / Sharktopus / Avada Kedavra / Know Your Power Chords / Lesbian / Holes in the Fort / Words Like Arsenic (Thyne Eyes Befell the Celestial Carnival) / Draining the Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard / In Space No One Can Hear You Scream / Hulahoop / Kenny’s Lament / Radiation Mutation Transformation / Black Holes Suck / Hulkulele / What Time Is It? (Adventure Time) / Garfield / Disney Song

Disc 2: You Are What You Eat + Non-LP
Fan Fiction / Looks Delicious / Miyazaki Pig / Convention / Birds and Bees / The Environment / Three Steps to Sweet Revenge / Creepy Internet Guy / Food Belongs in Me / Older / Pac-Man / Bite Me / Test Chamber 17 / Avada Kedavra (Uncensored Mix) / Fishfucker / Smell Yo Dick / Carrot Juice is Murder / Vampire Penguins / Dead / Bastard Wants To Hit Me / Lazyhead and Sleepybones / Bee of the Bird of the Moth / Mr. Me / Racist Against Devils (Fake Live Recording) / I Don’t Know How to Use a Fork (Fake Live Recording) / Draining the Lizard (Instrumental) / I Lurve Nashville

Disc 3: Demos + Live Recordings
Prelude to Sharks / Sharktopus (Demo) / Burning Ambitions (Demo) / In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (Demo) / Black Holes Suck (Demo) / Raichu a Song (Demo) / Words Like Arsenic (Demo) / Hulkulele (MTSU Studio Demo) / Daggers in Your Bed / Burning Chrome / Alone at Home / What Shall We Drill Now? (Demo) / Eggos (Demo) / Why Does The Sun Shine? (Live at The Muse) / Convention (Live at The Muse) / Birdf***er (Live at The Muse) / Avada Kedavra (Live at MarsCon) / Draining the Lizard (Live at MarsCon) / In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (Live at MarsCon) / What Shall We Drill Now? (Live at MarsCon) / Sharktopus (Live at MarsCon) / The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (Live at MarsCon)

Disc 4: Graze the Skylines
Off to the Lions / The Ballad of the River Cat / Ghost Procession Thru Warsaw / The John McCain Descent into Insignificance Blues/ Shimmering Cymbals Rush-Up the Dawn / Drinking Up the Blood-Soaked Martian Sun (Mama, th’ Spaceman’s Out to Get Me) / Holes in the Fort / Untitled [2] / Starbourne Wailing Ship Part VI – The Only Memorable Part of the Suite / Words Like Arsenic (Thyne Eyes Befell the Celestial Carnival) / The Difference Between Coldhearted Apathy and Real, Visible Change is a Bullet in the Brain Parts I-XIV / Sadly Broken Men / Smokescreen from the Depths / Smuggling in the Love / Moonlit Confession to the Orang Tree / Johnny Appleseed / Cheap Beer is the Taste of Regret / Meet is Murder: The Sociopath’s Ballad (2008 DJ Kuuben Dubstep Flava Mix) / Untitled [1] / Revolution 42 / Guy Who Meets Kids in Dark Alleys / The Only Thing I Want to See if I Were to Die Tomorrow… / …One Hundred Billion Smiles

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