Trouble’s Afoot – Looking for Parking

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“This album continues to entertain after many listen.”
Evolution Music Press

Looking for Parking, the debut full-length from eclectic Queens rock trio Trouble’s Afoot drops this January on Needlejuice Records. Touching on such diverse subjects as junior high school, alien invasion, and the apocalypse, this set of 12 tracks zigs and zags from aggressive to sweet to epic to folksy, all within 24 minutes.

It’s everything you ever wanted, so don’t be an idiot.

Track Listing

1. A Boy My Age
2. You Say But You Don’t Know
3. Sarah Made a Serenade
4. Every Right Hand
5. Don’t Be An Idiot
6. And I’m Gone
7. All I Ever Wanted
8. Cellar
9. I Care About You
10. The Usual Way
11. Everyone Believes Me
12. Dust Town

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