Needlejuice Mystery Box


  • This box will contain a vinyl record, a cassette, and a CD. Who knows?
  • We promise it’s not all just People’s Choice Music.
  • We will try to take your purchase history into account.
  • We aren’t psychic: we cannot guarantee you won’t get something you already have.
  • For best results, leave any previous ORDER NUMBERS in your order notes upon checkout.
  • 5 boxes will contain a vinyl test pressing in addition to the three items. For every 50 boxes sold, one more test pressing gets added to the pool.

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We have a lot of cool projects happening behind the scenes, and are contending with an unprecedented vinyl shortage! You can help us fund all sorts of cool stuff by buying a NEEDLEJUICE MYSTERY BOX! For a modest $30, you will receive one vinyl, one CD and one tape! You might discover a sick band you’ve always needed in your life, or you might just get that one thing you’ve been eyeing for months! Who knows! This offer is only available for a very limited time- just a few days!

If you leave any previous order numbers in the notes box during checkout, we will take your purchase history into account! Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you won’t receive a duplicate of something you already have.

Sales on this product are final. No refund requests or returns will be accepted on the products contained within. If a product arrives damaged, we will be able to send a replacement of the same product.

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