Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Psycho Delicacy – Cassette


Psychedelic nerd-rockers Nuclear Bubble Wrap present their 2014 cult hit, Psycho Delicacy, for the first time on audio cassette tape. Combining a wide range of psych influences from Ween to The Flaming Lips with NBW’s trademark wit, these uniquely designed cassette tapes are a treat for collectors.

Stream this album: Bandcamp | Spotify

    • 100 copies on translucent purple shell
    • Full color 3-panel J card
    • Dolby B Noise Reduction

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Track Listing

Side A:
1. Lizards in the Sky
2. Psycho Delicacy
3. Trunk of Secrets
4. My Telescope Can See You from Here So I Broke It
5. Gypsy Eyes
6. Extinct
7. Smuggling in the Love
8. Sexy Silk
9. Beyond the Borderline

Side B:
1. Night Mare
2. Hypotenuse
3. Industrial Evolution
4. The Agenda
5. The Halloween That Came Before November the First
6. So Many Fwends
7. Freakish Teatime
8. Making Christmas
9. Worms
10. Cavity Magnetron
11. Radiation Mutation Transformation
12. Selfdestruct