Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Psycho Delicacy – CD


“Nuclear Bubble Wrap reminds me of Ween and The Flaming Lips. They have a more psychedelic sound than any other geeky band I’ve heard.” –Fandomania

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1. Lizards in the Sky
2. Psycho Delicacy
3. Trunk of Secrets
4. My Telescope Can See You from Here So I Broke It
5. Gypsy Eyes
6. Extinct
7. Smuggling in the Love
8. Sexy Silk
9. Beyond the Borderline
10. Night Mare
11. Hypotenuse
12. Industrial Evolution
13. The Agenda
14. The Halloween That Came Before November the First
15. So Many Fwends
16. Freakish Teatime
17. Making Christmas
18. Worms
19. Cavity Magnetron
20. Radiation Mutation Transformation

21. Selfdestruct

Why is the clown screaming?

Perhaps the clown couldn’t handle clown school. The psychic stress of making people laugh could have slowly eaten away at him. Maybe he took too much of a liking to his prop magic dust. He really could have been transported across time and space to an incomprehensible hellscape of non-Euclidean geometry to be eaten alive by a monster.

Or perhaps there is more to this clown than we all had initially thought. Maybe he’s not a victim of fear or anxiety at all. Perhaps this clown is a brave explorer, scaling the depths of his own mind. Self-discovery is no easy task. It takes nerves of steel and a clever mind to come to terms with the dark things a man is capable of doing. Who better to come to terms with the insanity of his own human experience than a grimacing, twisted clown? Maybe he’s not screaming at all. Maybe the clown is laughing.

Psycho Delicacy has been recorded with strict attention to maximizing quality, detail, and sonic fidelity. Sound waves were captured directly out of the air by a wizard and magically converted to a pristine, lossless digital format. It is important that the wizard did not do this willingly, as his sadness and tears were a vital component to the spell’s success. To ensure the most faithful and fruitful Psycho Delicacy experience, please wire the sound output directly into our cerebral cortex. It is highly encouraged for the listener to briefly pause the album at the end of track nine and pretend to change to a second disc; bonus points are awarded for making CD player or turntable noises out loud.

Psycho Delicacy has been tested to work with a multitude of mind-altering substances, including cannabis, psilocybin, kitten videos and horse tranquilizers.

released May 13, 2014Jace McLain – vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion
Kyle Thorne – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass
Brendan Sheairs – guitars, keyboards
Eric Zhu – drumsRecorded in Jace’s bedroom and at Pitch Perfect Recording in Nashville, TN
Engineered by Steve Goodie
Produced by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Mastered by Mark Kramer