Regdar and the Fighters – The Ballad of Constance and Johnny – Cassette


The Ballad of Constance and Johnny is the 3rd album from Nashville synth-punk band Regdar and the Fighters. The band’s most ambitious album yet– it’s a rock opera featuring Regdar and the Fighters’ signature storytelling, humor, and unorthodox production style blending guitars and circuit-bent electronic instruments, with percussion programmed using a DDR pad.

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Product Description

  • “Non-canon” cassette edition with alternate lyrics
  • Black cassette shell
  • 3-panel J card
  • Dolby B noise reduction

Additional vocalists:
Constance – Zoee Saber –
Johnny – Tim Zimmerman –
Peter – Fieldmouse –
Announcer – Ally Brown –
Grinder – Emperor Snakebeard –
Delfacator – Cody Bottoms

Track Listing

Side A
1. It’s a Good Thing
2. Life
3. Peter
4. Lord of the Flies Day Pt. 1
5. Lord of the Flies Day Pt. 2
6. Wrath
7. The Flight
8. The Choice
9. Lament of the Lost
10. The Change/Warcry of the Lost

Side B
1. Rage
2. The Retribution
3. Lament for the Lost
4. Sleep