Dave Soldier/Komar & Melamid – The People’s Choice Music


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“Believe me, it’s hard for me to listen to also.”
– Dave Soldier

Needlejuice is pleased to announce the upcoming March release of Dave Soldier’s The People’s Choice Music. The album will be available in 2 fittingly bizarre LP variants: Pretty Ugly (baby blue/dookie brown swirl) and Wally Wheel (yellow/blue pinwheel). The album will also be available on CD and cassette after being out of print for over two decades. All formats will feature remastered audio and brand-new artwork.

The People’s Choice Music is the brainchild of Russian conceptual artists Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid. Their satirical, nonconformist work bristled against the Soviet government, resulting in their censorship and arrest. Immigrating to America, their combination of Socialist Realism and western Pop Art accrued critical acclaim. In the 90s, the duo conducted a series of polls to determine what aspects were liked and disliked in art. With this data, the two constructed “most wanted” and “most unwanted” paintings based on the results. Experimental musician Dave Soldier was enlisted to compose a musical extension of the project, resulting in The Most Wanted Song and The Most Unwanted Song.

Track Listing

1. The Most Wanted Song
2. The Most Unwanted Song