Chinese Hackers – (Wiretap)


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Chinese Hackers’ (w i r e t a p) reinvent the vaporwave genre by creating a new style: vaporgoth. Before making vaporwave music, Chinese Hackers had recorded industrial music under several different aliases. Using those dark and noisy inspirations, the sounds of industrial grind and vaporwave birthed a new sound with a bleak spin.

Track Listing

1. T o w n S q u a r e
2. P r o j e c t s
3. F o r w a r d
4. U n d e r g r o u n d
5. S o u r c e C o d e
6. L e a d e r
7. S m o k e s t a c k
8. 雾 ( ft. チェスマスター )
9. V i l l a g e
10. T i b e t
11. O p i u m
12. (w i r e t a p)
13. F a d e O u t

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