The first official Needlejuice Records email update!

Welcome to the first email update from Needlejuice Records! We’re so excited for you to come along this journey into bringing a King Gizzard album to vinyl.

First off, an announcement!
We sold 1 variant, you guys bought the hell out of it. We added another, you bought the hell out of that too. You are all amazing. THANK YOU for all the incredible support over the past few days. It’s been an unbelievable experience and we’re so very psyched to be making these for you.

That’s why we’re announcing this super ambitious third variant. This is the big one. The one we hoped we would be able to get to. Available now is the insane double 10″ decagon-shaped picture disk variant: POLYGON INFINITY. It’s a companion piece to the Nonagon Infinity picture disc from last year. Polygondwanaland has 1 more song than Nonagon Infinity, so it gets one more side to its shape.

As you might imagine, these cost more to press than a standard LP. We’re pricing them at $30 + shipping. Click here to order your copy.

Another neat thing!

We were given a shout-out in this NME article/interview with Stu Mackenzie. So huge thank you to them for that.


We’ve talked before in various internet spaces about how the pressing plant we’re using is Pirates Press, a plant that some friends of ours had turned us onto while we were still talking about starting the label months ago. Coincidentally, we also found out that this is a plant that King Gizzard themselves have used in the past.

Currently, we’re in the final stages of getting the artwork together. King Gizzard definitely put us to work by providing a minimal amount of artwork to use!

Fortunately, this is a badass new piece of artwork that was given to us by Eduardo da Floresta for the back cover. The record sleeve will be gatefold. And we’re currently working on the artwork templates not just for the vinyl, but for the CDs and cassettes as well. Lots of work, but very rewarding.

We’re hoping to place the orders for the first 1000 records (both variants, split 600/400) sometime this weekend, if possible. The minute the order with Pirates Press is placed, we’ll be letting you know about the status of everything, how long it’s going to take to get from the pressing plant to us– and then we’ll be giving you all progress reports on shipping the actual products to your doorstep. The orders for the brand new picture disc version will be placed at a later date, and we’ll be giving updates as we move forward with it as well. It’s going to be a long journey and we’re happy to be embarking on it with you.

Thank you so much for the love and support you’ve given us in the wake of our unexpected early launch.

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