THE MOST UNWANTED SONG on Sale. $12 Vinyl. $5 CD and Tape.

Happy April Fools Day! Can you believe it’s been a year since we put a bunch of 8-tracks up for pre-order, and then slowly watched ourselves become the April Fools as actually getting them made turned out to be way more difficult than it needed to be? Well, all of your 8-tracks were finally shipped. Really sorry it took a year to get all of them done. But hey, longest running April Fools joke ever, right?

This year for April Fools Day, we’re gonna take it back a notch. (Although, on March 7, we did release a bunch of albums on the obscure MiniDisc format.)

When we first formed this label, one of the very first albums we signed was this meme album that went viral in 2008 with its track, “The Most Unwanted Song.” This piece of music comes from an experiment in which people responded to surveys detailing what they liked and disliked in music. The survey results were used to create The People’s Choice Music, containing both the “Most Wanted” and “Most Unwanted” songs. The “Most Unwanted,” being the popular piece, is a 22-minute cacophony of bagpipes, children celebrating the holidays, and an opera singer rapping about the Old West. It’s basically everything annoying you could possibly put into a song, delicately arranged into a cohesive piece of art. And that’s the beauty of it. Thus, it makes the rounds on the internet every few years as people continuously discover its existence.

We signed this album out pure love for the piece of music and the absurdity behind it, and we even had the rights to press this album before we even launched the label with Polygondwanaland.

Unfortunately, this bit of internet history pressed to wax (as well as CD and cassette) never quite picked up on our end. (Perhaps something to do with having the “Most Unwanted Song” on it?) And for April Fools, we wanted to put a spotlight on this release that’s near and dear to our hearts.

The album is available in 2 fittingly bizarre LP variants: Pretty Ugly (baby blue/dookie brown swirl) and Wally Wheel (yellow/blue pinwheel). All formats feature remastered audio and brand-new artwork, including detailed results of the surveys that the album is based upon.


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