The Problem with Problem Attic

*SIGH*… It’s out!

We put this album out in September. And in a haze of bad decisions, it was 100% self-produced.
Aaaaand the comments began rolling in about how terrible the mixing was. And we took the criticism right to heart.
This was not the right album to try mixing without professional help. The arrangements are much too insane, pretty much every song has over 80 individual tracks. We decided the album could not be immortalized on physical products in that state and vowed to get it mixed professionally. It took nearly half a year to do.

It was the very definition of a botched release. We apologize. I know we let a lot of people down who expected to get their vinyl and cassettes and CDs much sooner. We did however, learn a lot, given that this was basically the first home-brewed album for Needlejuice Records, complete with an in-house music video campaign and all. (Those videos are being re-uploaded with the new audio.)

If you already purchased this album on Bandcamp, go to your collection and re-download it! The songs are all replaced with the new versions. If you purchased this album digitally via other means (like iTunes or such), get in contact, and we’ll send you a Bandcamp code. If you haven’t bought it, hey, it’s now that Bandcamp Friday thing!

Without further ado,
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Problem Attic
Mixed by Steve Goodie in Nashville.
Mastered by Sage Audio, also in Nashville.
Spotify, etc. soon. It’s in the queue. It’ll show up whenever it shows up.
Physical products (which have been delayed for over half a year at this point) will FINALLY begin going into production, with this new audio. Again, I’m super sorry for the delay.

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