TV’s Kyle – Commodore Touchdown Kickstarter

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Kyle A. Carrozza (creator of Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords) has a new album of catchy pop-rock on Needlejuice Records.

Under the name TV’s Kyle, this will be his 9th studio album, and his most ambitious musical project to date.

The album will be available on CD, cassette, and will be the first ever TV’s Kyle vinyl release— on blue and salmon pink splatter colored vinyl.

The new album contains absolute earworm bangers such as:
I Only Feel It When It Hurts
Consider My Goat
Officer Freethrow
There’s a Rock in my Face
I Like Mayo on Everything
I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore

Rewards include the album on vinyl, CD and cassette– plus a USB drive containing every TV’s Kyle release ever, test pressings, and a custom sketch by Kyle.
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