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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Head On/Pill Holo Sticker

Head On/Pill Holo Sticker

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A holographic sticker of the Head On/Pill picture disc artwork. Design by Gabriel Allensworth. 2.5x2.5" sticker.


Every time we do a Gizz boot that has Head On/Pill, we wind up splitting it across two sides in order to preserve sound quality. Naturally, some people wish that we didn’t have to cut these epic performances in twain. And you know what? They’re right. If you’ve ever wanted 30 minutes of Head On/Pill stuffed on one side, well, today is your lucky day because we’ve stuck TWO of them on one LP. And not only that, but we’ve made it a picture disc with new artwork by Gabriel Allensworth to boot! Because nothing says amazing high-fidelity sound quality like a picture disc! Tracklist: 1. Head On/Pill (Live in Milwaukee ’19) 2. Head On/Pill (Live in Adelaide ’19)

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