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Xactly Art Poster

Xactly Art Poster

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  • 11x17 poster
  • Artwork by Seth Faergolzia 


This album might get us sued by Nintendo. From Seth Faergolzia, mastermind of the celebrated art-rock collective Dufus, comes a new project that takes his sound to weird and wonderful new places. In Multibird, Faergolzia expands upon his experimental freak-folk roots even as he approaches new levels of accessibility. The followup to their 2019 self-titled debut, Xactly tumbles through tricky ditties and traditional genre throwbacks and twists into surreal compositions with feverish layers of vocal loops. Only in the world of Multibird can a playful, twangy pop song like “Unknowing” exist alongside a sprawling, epic anxiety attack like “Bobble People.” Yet, even at their most madcap, Faergolzia grounds his songs in strong emotional reflections on his life and artistic career. It’s irreverent. It’s irresistible. It’s Xactly what you need to hear right now.

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