Angel Marcloid

Angel Marcloid is a composer, producer and visual artist based in Chicago. As MindSpring Memories, she produces classic vaporwave. Among her many experimental monikers, she is best known for the industrial-jazz-ambient-prog-metal project Fire-Toolz. Angel spends most of her free time producing music, bonding with her cats, self-educating in the fields of quantum physics and non-dual philosophy/spirituality, binge-watching The Office or live rescue kitten video streams, trying to soak up jazz music theory, meditating, Photoshopping together gaudy digital collages, glitching stock animations, craving wide open natural spaces, dreaming of ordering takeout, actually ordering takeout, waiting for Buddha At The Gas Pump to post another interview, consuming overpriced lattes, or breaking the law (depending on which state she’s in).

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