Frequently Asked Questions

Are the locked grooves on Burn Pygmalion intentional?

Yes, we thought it would be cool. It has however, confused people who thought their records were broken on multiple occasions. Rest assured, it is meant to be this way.

Can I buy your products on Bandcamp?

Most of what’s available on this site is available on our Bandcamp page. Not all, but most.

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, get in touch via our contact email. Provide your order number and the new address.

Can I change shirt sizes?

Unlike a vinyl variant situation, we can't simply make a note to change a shirt size before shipment. If the order hasn't shipped yet, we can cancel it and you can place a new order.

Can I combine shipping and get refunded for shipping costs if I placed multiple orders?

We no longer provide refunds for the purpose of combining shipping across multiple orders. It’s just too much of a hassle for us to be able to keep up with. Orders are processed the way they were placed. Sorry about that!

Can I get a refund?

The refund policy: If your order hasn’t shipped yet, we can cancel your order. The exception to this is we do not provide refunds for PayPal payments after 180 days. At 180 days, PayPal takes away the refund option, and we will not manually send the money back to you. Keep this in mind when you purchase an item that is on pre-order and may incur long wait times. If you paid via credit/debit card, the refund will go back that same card; we cannot send a refund via any other means in this instance.

For returns, we will refund unopened, undamaged items still in the shrink-wrap, once returned (buyer pays shipping). We will refund or replace damaged items (records that are broken or otherwise have defects which impact playability, with the exception of picture discs and glow in the dark vinyl). If you don’t specify, we will by default send a replacement if we can. Get in touch with us via the contact email, and please provide photo and/or video evidence of the defect.

Please also note that we do not provide refunds for vinyl colors not meeting up to individual customers’ expectations. Mock-ups are just that– mock-ups. And while we try our hardest to make ambitious, colorful records will cool designs– working with vinyl colors doesn’t yield results that are 100% predictable. This is just part of the reality of manufacturing vinyl records and combining color pigments.

Can I return an item I purchased for a refund?

For returns, we will only refund unopened, undamaged items still in the shrink-wrap, once returned (buyer pays shipping). If you opened it, we won't accept a return.

Can I switch to another color variant?

Sure, get in touch via the mail button above.

Do I have something in my teeth?

Maybe just a little something. Don’t worry, it’s not too noticeable.

Do some of your CD releases have easter eggs that can only be accessed by rewinding before track 1 using a CD player that’s capable of doing such things?


Do specialty vinyl records such as glow in the dark or picture discs have a difference in sound quality?

Yes. Glow in the dark vinyl is known to have more surface noise than standard vinyl, because of the use of phosphorus in the manufacturing process. Glow in the dark vinyl is for the aesthetics and the novelty value, not necessarily for showing off the sound quality of your system.

Picture discs, while definitely higher quality than glow in the dark, do have a dip in sound quality compared to standard vinyl. Picture discs have a much thinner layer of vinyl that the grooves are stamped into. However, the process of making picture disc vinyl has greatly improved over time, and this shouldn’t be all too noticeable to the casual ear.

For any release we do with a glow in the dark or picture disc variant, we will always make a standard vinyl version available as well, because we understand the importance of novelty variants not being the only way to get it on vinyl. (Please note that by “standard vinyl” we are referring to any of our regular colored vinyl variants, whether that be solid colors, splatters, etc.)

Do you all do represses?

A goal of our label is to not contribute to scarcity of popular titles on vinyl! If something is out of print, you can generally rest assured that we will repress it.

Do you have international distribution? Can I save on shipping costs?

Many of our releases (mostly vinyl) are available from the German retailer HHV. If you live in Europe, you may be able to save some money by searching for our releases on there.

Does 180-gram vinyl make a difference in sound quality?

Not in the slightest. We just think it feels cool to hold.

Does colored vinyl have a difference in sound quality?

Generally, no. The exceptions are glow-in-the-dark vinyl and picture discs. But generally, the process of making colored vinyl has been perfected by this point, and the difference between colored vinyl and black vinyl, if any, is negligible.

How do I access enhanced CD content (such as the commentary track on the Spirit Phone CD)?

Sometimes, your computer won’t react immediately when you insert the CD into the drive. To access enhanced CD features on such releases as Spirit Phone and Nature Tapes, explore the drive contents directly, as if it were another folder on your computer.

How long do international shipments take, and when will the tracking number update for them?

We’ve switched to UPS Mail Innovations for international shipments. These shipments work by being shipped out in batches. This means that the tracking number could take a week or longer to update at all. Once in-transit, UPS Mail Innovations packages tend to take 2-3 weeks to arrive. In some cases, they could take up to 2 months.

I didn’t get a download card. Can you send me a code?

Yeah… some of our earlier releases didn’t contain download cards. Sorry about that. We have corrected the error of our ways, and every vinyl & cassette product now comes with a download card.

If you didn’t get one, and you desire to have the album in your Bandcamp collection, email us at with proof of purchase (such as your order number) and we’ll send you a download code.

I didn’t get a sticker in my order.

It’s commonly known that we tend to send stickers with our orders, and sometimes artist or album specific stickers, depending on what was purchased. These are a free perk that we often send for fun. However, depending on supply of these stickers, or other outside factors, getting free stickers in your order is not a guarantee.

I got a broken/defective product. Can you replace it?

In most all cases, yes! We will gladly replace defective products for you. If you have a record with issues that directly affect the playability (such as scratches, warping, skipping, etc), contact us for a replacement, with photo or video evidence of the issue.

I live outside the U.S. and my package has been stuck in customs for a long time.

International shipments can take a very long time to reach their destinations. Getting held up in customs is extremely common, especially given outside circumstances such as COVID-19 and Brexit. Packages taking up to 3 months to get delivered is very normal right now. So try not to rush to assumptions about it being lost in the mail. Chances are, it’s just stuck in a giant customs queue.

Is Hidden in the Sand on the Marvin’s vinyl?

Since we’re just a kooky quirky record label, it might be in our nature to hide a “hidden” track. Maybe perhaps behind something known as a “locked groove.” Thereby making the listener go digging… in the sand. Yeah, that seems like a thing we’d do.

My record jacket got damaged in the mail. Can you send a replacement?

Yes! Generally, we can send you a replacement jacket if yours got damaged in the mail. Just email us using the email.

My cassette tape plays slightly too fast or too slow.

It's your cassette player. We won't offer replacements for this issue.

My tracking number hasn't left "Label Created / Awaiting Item" status.

During particularly busy times for us, we may not be able to get packages out the door as fast as usual. We're a pretty small operation, after all. This can lead to tracking numbers not beginning to update for days or, at some of the most busy times we've had, sometimes weeks. This is generally rare and usually means we're just in a particularly busy time. Email us if you're concerned, but most of the time your order is just in a very large queue of printed shipping labels. All that being said, sometimes packages genuinely do get lost in the mail, and it is evident by the tracking not moving, and we will help you out if that happens.

For INTERNATIONAL shipments, this is normal. Some of our international shipments are processed by UPS Mail Innovations, which is bulk warehouse service-- it doesn't rely on simply dropping off packages at a postal location. Batches of packages are shipped to a warehouse in boxes, and the tracking won't begin to update until the warehouse has the package.

My tracking number is in-transit but hasn’t updated in a long time.

During busy seasons when USPS is under heavy amounts of stress, some packages can take a while to reach their destinations. If a package is late, the tracking will usually update to some variation of simply “In Transit” or “Arriving Late” with not much else of an explanation. In the vast majority of cases, this is nothing to worry about, and it means exactly what it says. Please understand that once we drop off your order at the post office, it’s quite literally out of our hands. Now, if you’re in the US, and your tracking hasn’t updated in well over a month, then maybe that’s cause for concern.

For international shipments, it’s extremely common for packages to get held up in customs for weeks at a time, and for packages to not reach their destinations for months after shipment. Packages arriving upwards of 3 months later is very common.

Something is wrong when I try to play one of your CDs.

Our CDs are pressed to professional standards and we assure you that there is nothing functionally wrong with the discs themselves. However, there is an epidemic of CD players (especially newer ones) not being handle to CDs correctly. In most cases, it is your player, not the CD.

A common issue is CD players which can't handle "pre-gap hidden tracks" (a hidden track placed before track 1). Some newer CDs will basically freak out at the concept of this, and will either refuse to read the disc at all, or will start playing from the pre-gap instead of from track 1, and in some cases, even misinterpreting the final track of the disc as not existing. This is especially common with any variation of an XBox. Sorry to say, we won't refund orders if your CD player doesn't work correctly.

The Shop app said you would ship in 2 days but it didn't ship in 2 days.

Unfortunately, the Shop App is wrong. We don't guarantee shipment dates, because we're a small operation and we just don't have the capacity to make guarantees about it. We've disabled the Shopify option that specifies a delivery window, but the ability to turn that off within the Shop App eludes us.

What about Neil Cicierega’s Mouth Sounds/Silence/Moods/Dreams?

The universe would collapse in on itself if we pressed those and you know it.

What are the best ways to keep up with your new releases?

Subscribe to our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on Bandcamp. Join our Discord.

What format are the downloads on the download cards?

For a long time now, our download cards have been Bandcamp download cards, meaning you will have the choice of downloading the audio in a lossless (FLAC/WAV) or lossy (MP3) format.

When will (Insert Pre-Order Vinyl Here) be finished and ready to ship?

The product page and the Schedule page will tell you an estimated shipment timeframe for vinyl pre-orders.

When will my Friday Night Funkin’ Kickstarter rewards ship?

UPDATE AS OF MAY 2024: We are nearly done with the initial batch of FNF Kickstarter rewards. We don't have all of the rewards in our system, however. It is on the Funkin Crew to get us the pledges that contained other items (such as a shirt). So far we ONLY gained access to the pledges that contained ONLY soundtrack items.

When will my order ship?

It depends on how busy we are. Under normal circumstances we tend to get things out within 3 days for domestic, and within 7 days for international. If things are particularly busy, it may take longer, and we make no guarantees. We don’t ship on weekends. If any items in your order are still manufacturing or in pre-production, your order will ship when all items in the order are Ready To Ship. Check the product description for estimated shipment timeframes on pre-order items, or check the Schedule page.

Where can I get your King Gizzard bootlegger masters?

Our Gizzard live album project was mastered by Angel Hair Audio. Both vinyl and digital masters, for your bootlegging uses, are available here. If you press these to any format, you must credit Angel Hair Audio.

Who presses your vinyl?

Our vinyl is pressed by GZ Media in the Czech Republic and the projects are managed by the good folks over at Pirates Press.

Why do you do open pre-orders? Isn’t it better if you can ship them to me immediately?

For just about all of our releases, we do open pre-orders. This means that at the time the item goes up, there is no stock limit. This is our business model for a few reasons:

-We’re able to gauge the demand for the release and press the adequate amount of copies to keep it in stock for as long as possible.
-The more we print, the more customers are able to enjoy our releases even if they weren’t there on the drop date. In the long run, the more customers are happy.
-The artist is compensated more in the long run, especially for vinyl.
-It keeps the flipper market away from our releases. We don’t want people to have to pay high aftermarket prices to get our records, and we want people to have access to them whenever they discover them.
-The launch of one of our releases doesn’t have to be met with the stress and anxiety that record collectors feel when they don’t know if they’ll be fast enough to get it. Music collecting should be fun, not stressful!

This does mean that, at least during the pre-order period, buyers have to wait for the products to be manufactured, which can take a few months. But in the long run, this is the best way to keep buyers happy and to make our releases as worthwhile as possible for everybody involved.

All that being said, it’s worth noting that if you do buy it during the pre-order window– even though you’ll have a wait time, you have the security of knowing you got in on the pressing. After about 2 weeks, we decide how many we’re pressing, and then the stock numbers will begin counting down.

Why is disc 2 of the View-Monster CD so weird?

The CD is a weird format. What’s the point of making CDs without doing weird stuff with them?

Will you be pressing Hip to the Javabean?

Yes! It will take a while to do, but we promise it’ll all be worth the wait!

Will you be pressing other Tally Hall associated projects?

Right now, the only plans are to do Marvin’s and Good & Evil.

You should press (insert album here)!

Hop on over to our Discord server, where there is a #press-this channel dedicated specifically to suggesting things for us to press! We definitely take note of feedback from there.